Inauguration 2013

Obama: 'America's possibilities are limitless'

In his inaugural address, President Obama noted the country's continuing economic struggles and said that America can't succeed when only a few at the top do well. The country's prosperity must rest on a rising middle class. Full Story

Presidents and God

When it comes to celebrating the start of a president's term, God has played a role in nearly every inauguration since George Washington. Full Story

The Inaugural Balls

Photos from the 2013 Inaugural Balls. Full Story

Inauguration Day by the numbers

Here's a breakdown of Inauguration Day by the numbers. Full Story

Images of the 2013 inauguration

Photos of President Barack Obama's second inauguration from the ceremonial swearing-in to the frosty crowds. Full Story

Modi to be sworn in as Indian prime minister

Modi to be sworn in as Indian PM; Pakistani leader to attend in possible easing of tension

Monday - 05/26/2014, 03:17am EDT

South Africa inaugurates president for 2nd term

South Africa: military aircraft roar overhead after president is sworn in for another term

Saturday - 05/24/2014, 08:10am EDT

New India PM invites Pakistan leader to inaugural

India's prime minister-elect invites leader of rival Pakistan to his inauguration

Wednesday - 05/21/2014, 10:20am EDT

Macedonia opposition skips president's swearing-in

Macedonia's opposition skips presidential inauguration after election spat

Monday - 05/12/2014, 09:20am EDT

Michelle Obama inaugurates new Met costume center

Michelle Obama joins fashion luminaries to inaugurate new Met costume center

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 09:26am EDT

U.Va. Wise to celebrate chancellor's inauguration

U.Va. Wise kicks off 2-week celebration of chancellor's April 22 inauguration on Monday

Monday - 04/14/2014, 05:36am EDT

2016 campaign checklist: Biden

2016 presidential campaign checklist: Biden's prep

Monday - 04/07/2014, 01:22pm EDT

Panama's president unveiling subway ahead of vote

Panama president celebrates legacy by inaugurating subway a month before election of successor

Sunday - 04/06/2014, 09:10pm EDT

Chechnya leader inaugurates new mosque in Israel

Chechnya president inaugurates new $10 million mosque in Arab village in Israel

Sunday - 03/23/2014, 10:18am EDT

Religion news in brief

Religion news in brief

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 12:12pm EST

MLK estate wants his daughter to give up his Nobel

MLK estate asks judge to order civil rights icon's daughter to relinquish his Nobel Prize

Tuesday - 02/04/2014, 03:08pm EST

Questions and answers about the State of the Union

Some questions and answers about the history of the president's State of the Union address

Sunday - 01/26/2014, 12:30pm EST

Madagascar bomb kills child, injures 33

Madagascar: bomb kills child, injures 33 near stadium hours after new president is installed

Saturday - 01/25/2014, 05:30pm EST

C. African Republic leader sworn in amid looting

Central African Republic leader sworn in as capital wracked by looting, death threats

Friday - 01/24/2014, 12:40am EST

2016 campaign checklist: Biden

2016 presidential campaign checklist: Biden's prep

Wednesday - 01/22/2014, 02:50pm EST

Christie takes oath amid scandal, touts mandate

Christie sworn in amid scandal, touts mandate from big election win and bond with NJ voters

Wednesday - 01/22/2014, 11:30am EST

Christie says he has a mandate

Tuesday - 01/21/2014, 03:30pm EST

Michelle Obama's 2nd gown lent to Smithsonian

Michelle Obama's 2nd inaugural gown joins first ladies' collection for 1 year at Smithsonian

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 02:24pm EST

Terry McAuliffe takes oath as Va.'s 72nd governor

Former DNC chair, longtime Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe takes oath as Virginia's 72nd governor

Monday - 01/13/2014, 01:04am EST

McAuliffe family greets visitors to the Executive Mansion open house

Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his wife, Dorothy, greeted the public at an Executive Mansion open house after Saturday's inauguration and parade.

Saturday - 01/11/2014, 07:23pm EST
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