Holmes' behavior raised flags at Alabama school

Professors at an Alabama university described James Holmes as an excellent candidate for their neuroscience program in February 2011, but rejected him anyway after his behavior raised concerns.

Thursday - 09/06/2012, 02:42pm EDT

Burden on Colorado prosecutors to prove sanity

If James Holmes pleads not guilty by reason of insanity, prosecutors wanting to prove that he methodically carried out a deadly Colorado movie theater shooting have a difficult task before them: They must prove he is sane.

Thursday - 08/30/2012, 02:03pm EDT

Prosecutors in Holmes case get university records

A judge in the Colorado theater shooting case has ordered that some of the suspect's educational records be released to prosecutors.

Wednesday - 08/29/2012, 01:41pm EDT

Prosecutors: Colo. suspect angry over academics

James Holmes was a promising neuroscience doctoral candidate, but by the end of the program's first year, he had fallen out of favor with professors and failed a key exam, prosecutors said.

Friday - 08/24/2012, 03:33am EDT

Aurora seeks comments on massacre site's future

The Denver suburb of Aurora is asking residents what should be done with the movie theater where 12 people were shot to death last month and 58 others were wounded.

Tuesday - 08/21/2012, 03:03pm EDT

Nurse who treated shooting victims dies in Iowa

A nurse who helped treat victims of the Aurora theater shooting in Colorado has drowned while on a family vacation in Iowa.

Monday - 08/20/2012, 04:52pm EDT

School application sheds light on shooting suspect

The man accused of opening fire in a suburban Denver movie theater had been an excellent student who left an impression good enough for acceptance to a competitive neuroscience program at the University of Illinois.

Saturday - 08/11/2012, 03:19am EDT

Movie theater attack: Did school drop the ball?

In the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy five years ago, the University of Colorado and other schools across the U.S. created "threat assessment teams" to identify and take action against students who might turn violent. Now, in the aftermath of the movie theater rampage in Aurora, some are wondering whether the system broke down.

Friday - 08/03/2012, 06:58pm EDT

Houston uses video to teach how to handle shooting

Ominous music plays as a man in dark clothing, sunglasses and a backpack walks toward people working in a high-rise building. The narrator's voice warns: "It may feel like just another day at the office, but occasionally life feels more like an action movie."

Thursday - 08/02/2012, 02:58pm EDT

Report: Psychiatrist tried to discuss Holmes

A University of Colorado psychiatrist whose clients included the former student accused of the Aurora theater shooting reportedly tried to discuss the man with members of a campus behavioral and security committee about a month before the attack but the group never convened.

Thursday - 08/02/2012, 09:54am EDT

Colo. swimmer's gold gives state reason to cheer

Colorado has seen its share of pain this year with a mass movie theater shooting and deadly wildfires that destroyed hundreds of homes.

Wednesday - 08/01/2012, 08:30am EDT

Colo. suspect charges: Murder, attempted murder

James Holmes appeared just as dazed as he did in his first court hearing after the deadly Colorado movie theater massacre.

Tuesday - 07/31/2012, 04:08am EDT

Mom of girl killed in shooting will be paralyzed

The Colorado woman who lost her 6-year-old daughter in the Aurora theater shooting and suffered a miscarriage is expected to be paralyzed as a result of her injuries, a family member said Monday.

Monday - 07/30/2012, 03:11pm EDT

Charges give Colo. prosecutors sentencing options

Colorado prosecutors charged the suspect in the Aurora movie theater shooting with multiple counts for each victim to create more options during sentencing, if he's convicted.

Monday - 07/30/2012, 02:30pm EDT

Colo. shooting suspect unemotional at hearing

The man charged with killing 12 people and injuring 58 others in a Colorado movie theater was unemotional as he heard the charges against him.

Monday - 07/30/2012, 01:49pm EDT

Man arrested after gun brought into theater

A man was arrested and nine theaters were evacuated after someone carried a gun into a multiplex in Colorado, police said.

Monday - 07/30/2012, 01:23pm EDT

Colo. theater lacked security, unlike some peers

The Colorado movie theater complex that was the scene of a gunman's massacre this month didn't have any uniformed security guards on duty the night of the shooting, even though other theaters operated by the same company did provide such protection for the busy premiere of the Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises."

Sunday - 07/29/2012, 07:57pm EDT

Miscarriage won't affect charges in Colo. shooting

A former prosecutor says the man suspected of shooting and killing 12 people and wounding 58 others at a Colorado theater won't face an additional homicide charge after one of the victims who was critically injured suffered a miscarriage.

Sunday - 07/29/2012, 02:42pm EDT

Colo. victims mourned at funerals in 3 states

A man who saved his girlfriend's life at the Colorado movie shooting was remembered for his selfless sacrifice Saturday, while an aspiring sportscaster was praised for her boundless energy and an Air Force reservist as a good friend.

Sunday - 07/29/2012, 01:32am EDT

Defense: Shooting suspect was seeing psychiatrist

The former graduate student accused in the deadly Colorado movie theater shooting was being treated by a psychiatrist at the university where he studied, the first indication that he may have sought help before the rampage that killed 12 people and wounded 58.

Saturday - 07/28/2012, 03:51am EDT
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