FBI probe into child sex abuse at Fort Meade

FBI is investigating allegation of child sex abuse at Fort Meade, Md.

Friday - 11/08/2013, 06:28pm EST

Annapolis mayoral race too close to call

Annapolis mayoral race too close to call, candidates wait for absentee ballot count

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 08:30am EST

Man arrested after marijuana plants are found

Anne Arundel County police have arrested a man they say was growing marijuana in his home.

Tuesday - 11/05/2013, 05:24pm EST

Truck driver pleads guilty in Bay Bridge crash

Truck driver pleads guilty to negligent driving in Chesapeake Bay Bridge crash

Tuesday - 11/05/2013, 01:50pm EST

Court approves rules on bail hearings

Court approves rules on bail hearings, but delays implementation

Tuesday - 11/05/2013, 12:40pm EST

Officer who shot man in stabbing won't be charged

Officer who fatally shot man who was stabbing woman to death won't face charges

Monday - 11/04/2013, 11:25pm EST

Police: Man stabbed after argument inside store

Police: Woman phoned attacker while arguing with man inside convenience store

Saturday - 11/02/2013, 02:00pm EDT

Pedestrian struck, killed on Crain Highway

A pedestrian has died after he was struck by a car on Crain Highway in Glen Burnie.

Saturday - 11/02/2013, 12:51pm EDT

Police: Man answering Craigslist ad for car killed

Police: Craigslist ad for car lured man who was fatally shot during robbery attempt

Friday - 11/01/2013, 06:51pm EDT

Teen tackles thief who stole package from home

15-year-old tackles thief who stole package from home's steps, narrowly avoids getting cut

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 07:50pm EDT

Judge denies motion USNA sexual assault case

A federal judge has denied a request by a U.S. Naval Academy midshipman accused of sexual assault to recuse the academy's superintendent from the case.

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 07:18pm EDT

11 students disciplined for cyberbullying

11 Annapolis High School students disciplined for cyberbullying after probe of photo, comments

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 02:10pm EDT

Hobo: A homegrown business with international appeal

Hobo has become one of the most recognized names in women's accessories -- and the company got its start on a dining room table in Annapolis, Md.

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 08:12am EDT

Man sentenced to 9 months for stealing $278K

A man has been sentenced to nine months in jail for stealing more than $278,000 from a union's pension fund.

Wednesday - 10/30/2013, 07:12am EDT

Police: Md. lawmaker in car crash, not at fault

Just days after he was sentenced for operating a boat and a car while intoxicated, Maryland Del. Don Dwyer was injured in a car accident in Pasadena.

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 07:00pm EDT

Mia Farrow's brother gets 10 years in sex case

Brother of actress Mia Farrow gets 10-year sentence for sex abuse of 2 boys in Md.

Tuesday - 10/29/2013, 08:30am EDT

Police: Dog bites off part of boy's nose

Police: Dog bites off part of Glen Burnie toddler's nose

Monday - 10/28/2013, 03:00pm EDT

Police: Officer the shooter in Md. murder-suicide

Police found three people dead in Glen Burnie, Md., early Sunday morning, and they're calling it a murder-suicide.

Sunday - 10/27/2013, 01:31pm EDT

A bard on the bench: Md. judge gets creative with opinions

Robert McDonald, a Harvard Law School graduate and a former chief counsel for the Maryland Attorney General's Office, was appointed to the state's highest court nearly two years ago. Since then, he has written several opinions that include literary references, creative rhetoric or even a touch of humor.

Sunday - 10/27/2013, 07:04am EDT

Lawmaker gets 60 days for drunken driving, boating

Maryland lawmaker gets 60 days in jail for drunken driving, boating crash that injured 7

Saturday - 10/26/2013, 11:47am EDT
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