Insurgents blow up 2nd bridge, abduct wife, 2 kids

Nigerian Islamic extremists blow up 2nd bridge, kill many in village attack, abduct 2 kids

Sunday - 05/11/2014, 05:32am EDT

South Sudan peace deal hailed, but will it hold?

South Sudan peace deal hailed for potential new aid access, but skeptics wonder: Will it hold?

Sunday - 05/11/2014, 12:18am EDT

South Africa confirms ruling party win after count

South Africa completes election vote count; dozens arrested after unrest in poor township

Saturday - 05/10/2014, 02:30pm EDT

British, US experts join Nigeria search for girls

British, US experts join search for kidnapped Nigerian girls; report criticizes Nigerian army

Saturday - 05/10/2014, 06:52am EDT

South Africa ruling party headed for win

South African vote count shows big win for ruling party, but main opposition makes gains too

Friday - 05/09/2014, 10:42pm EDT

C African Republic rebels choose new leader

Central African Republic's Muslim rebels choose new leader amid fears they're gaining strength

Friday - 05/09/2014, 04:00pm EDT

3 dead, 1 missing after Ghana helicopter crash

3 dead, 1 missing after helicopter crashes off western Ghana, officials say

Friday - 05/09/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Dramatic improvement in controlling Ebola outbreak

UN health agency: Dramatic progress controlling West Africa's Ebola but outbreak not over yet

Friday - 05/09/2014, 01:01pm EDT

Pistorius defense: Girlfriend falling at last shot

Pistorius expert: Last shot hit girlfriend while still falling, not sitting covering head

Friday - 05/09/2014, 09:52am EDT

Residents: 50 bodies found in Nigeria violence

50 bodies recovered in Nigeria town; residents fault security forces for not preventing attack

Friday - 05/09/2014, 06:24am EDT

Pistorius ballistics expert focuses on arm wound

Pistorius defense ballistics expert focuses on Steenkamp's arm wound

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 09:38pm EDT

South Africa ruling party leads in election tally

Early election returns show South Africa's ruling party ahead of rivals

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 09:16pm EDT

South Sudan rebel leader in Ethiopia for talks

South Sudan rebel leader arrives in Ethiopia for first political talks since violence began

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 02:01pm EDT

Gross human rights abuses seen in S. Sudan: report

Gross human rights abuses seen in South Sudan, report says; UN says troops targeted civilians

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 10:40am EDT

Islamic militant attack in Nigeria kills hundreds

Hundreds killed in Islamic extremist attack on Nigerian border town

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 06:44am EDT

Abduction vaults Boko Haram leader into headlines

Extremist leader surfaced in 2010 as Boko Haram leader, wants to bring down Nigerian state

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 05:40am EDT

Muslim officials condemn abductions of girls

Muslim religious officials condemn Islamic extremist group for abducting girls in Nigeria

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 05:38am EDT

South Africa's voting ends, counting starts

South African voting ends, counting starts with ruling party front-runner despite challenges

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 12:02am EDT

Somalia rains failing, hunger coming, say groups

Rains in Somalia are failing, meaning hunger is coming, say groups pleading for more aid money

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 04:15pm EDT

2 Ugandans go on trial over homosexual offenses

2 Ugandans are charged over gay sex, the first trial following severe new law

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 11:10am EDT

Nigerian girl describes kidnap, 276 still missing

How more than 300 girls were kidnapped by extremists in Nigeria 3 weeks ago; 276 still missing

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 06:56am EDT

Pistorius accused of 'sinister' remark in court

Oscar Pistorius allegedly makes 'sinister' remark to Steenkamp friend in courtroom

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 06:34pm EDT

South Africa's ruling party poised for win

South African ruling party poised for election win despite some disaffection among youth

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 06:14pm EDT

60 dead from drinking homemade brew in Kenya

60 dead from drinking homemade brew, say Kenya police

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 03:00pm EDT

UN chief: South Sudan's warring leaders will meet

UN Secretary-General: South Sudan's warring leaders will meet in Ethiopia

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 12:50pm EDT
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