5 money tips from savvy financial moms

Moms are on the front lines of doling out allowances and shaping their children's money habits.

Thursday - 05/10/2012, 06:03am EDT

Sick of Starbucks? These coffees pack a punch for just pennies

Remember the days when a cup of coffee cost just 11 cents? Well, those days may not be so far gone - if you're willing to brew your own.

Friday - 05/04/2012, 03:45am EDT

Pros and cons of gas reward programs

Kris Van Cleave, ABC7, 7-On-Your-Side

Tuesday - 05/01/2012, 03:43pm EDT


Dishwashing soap: It's not just for dishes anymore

Don't limit liquid dishwashing detergent to the kitchen. It can be useful all kinds of places around the house.

Tuesday - 05/01/2012, 01:15pm EDT

Home security systems don't have to cost a fortune

To have a home security system installed and monitored for three years Washington Consumers' Checkbook secret shoppers received estimates as low as $2,600 and as high as $6,500.

Friday - 04/27/2012, 07:45am EDT

How to get the most at the auto shop

The better you are able to describe your car troubles, the easier it will be for a mechanic to help solve your problem.

Tuesday - 04/24/2012, 07:49am EDT

Flying to a summer vacation doesn't have to be costly

WTOP's Veronica Robinson

Tuesday - 04/24/2012, 07:48am EDT


Tips for tackling a ballooning cellphone bill

Smartphones can pull off a growing number of high-tech tasks, but the cost of cellphone service is growing as well.

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 06:35am EDT

Tax Day Freebies

Tax Day has arrived, but it's no longer a day to dread. Many restaurants and shops are eager to treat tax-weary customers to freebies and deals, and WTOP put together a handy list for you. These offers are available Tuesday, April 17 only, unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 12:43pm EDT

Tax mistakes? There's a form for that (VIDEO)

It's a sinking feeling. You've done your taxes and they're in the mail and you realize you've made a mistake.

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 08:03am EDT

Smart Spending: 8 ways to save at the movies

Hollywood wants your money.

Friday - 04/13/2012, 03:53am EDT

Credit card fees take a swipe at gas prices

There's more involved in rising gas prices than you might suspect.

Thursday - 04/12/2012, 09:33am EDT

NerdWallet makes flight fee comparison a cinch

Airfares can seem like they're roughly the same -- but hidden fees can lurk everywhere from baggage check to seat selection and even booking over the phone versus online.

Thursday - 04/12/2012, 07:07am EDT

Simple ways to stretch your food budget

The typical family tosses out $600 in food a year, but there are ways to keep a few of those dollars from disappearing.

Wednesday - 04/11/2012, 10:14am EDT

Time sensitive deals offer great discounts on travel

The U.S. Travel Association has a collection of discount offers on everything from theme parks to hotel stays and car rentals for cities near and far.

Tuesday - 04/10/2012, 11:44am EDT

Gas prices rise ahead of holidays

The latest WTOP Pain in the Gas survey shows the average price of a gallon of unleaded regular is up 4 cents to $4.11 over the past week. Compared to the same week a year ago, gas prices increased 29 cents.

Thursday - 04/05/2012, 05:58am EDT

Cleaning out your garage, then making some money with a yard sale

Peter Moore, Men's Health editor

Wednesday - 04/04/2012, 09:31pm EDT


1.5 million credit cards compromised in a data breach

Avivah Litan, Vice President and Security Expert Gartner Research

Monday - 04/02/2012, 09:00pm EDT


Tips for finding the right kennel

Summer is just around the corner, and unless you're taking your dog or cat with you on vacation, you're probably looking for a kennel.

Monday - 04/02/2012, 06:19am EDT

Smarter shoppers may be the death of haggling

The Internet and shopping comparison apps are making shoppers smarter and more empowered than ever, which may make haggling a thing of the past.

Monday - 04/02/2012, 04:43am EDT
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