Former President George H.W. Bush backs Gillespie

Former President George H.W. Bush backs GOP Senate candidate Gillespie in bid against Warner

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 10:18pm EST

Exit polls: Romanian PM will face mayor in runoff

Exit polls show prime minister will face city mayor in runoff of Romania presidential race

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 03:47pm EST

DC mayoral race competitive, not necessarily close

General election for DC mayor is unusually competitive, but Democrat still has edge

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 02:36pm EST

Analysis: GOP rebels mind their political manners

Analysis: Republican rebels are minding their political manners in a show of unity _ for now

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 07:30am EST

House Democrats mutter about less outside spending

Outside groups spending less than a quarter of what they did in 2012, House Democrats grumble

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 07:26am EST

K-State football coach lands in political pileup

Popular Kansas State football coach lands in political pileup over support for Sen. Roberts

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 07:14am EST

Senate changes as more former House members join

A splintered and less productive Senate: Some blame it on an influx of former House members

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 07:10am EST

For a man without a party, turnout is big test

In tight Kansas race, independent Orman struggles to build turnout machine without a party

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 06:58am EST

Women are the target on campaign's final weekend

In campaign's final weekend, candidates clash over women

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 05:48am EST

Tunisia elections possible model for region

Tunisia's democratic transition possible model, but vulnerable to regional rivalries

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 04:42am EST

Obama says wealthy don't need another champion

Boosting Michigan Democrats, Obama says wealthy and corporations don't need another champion

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 04:36am EST

Once sleepy campaign issue, education gains clout

Once a sleepy campaign topic, education policies gains political heft in races against GOP

Sunday - 11/02/2014, 01:22am EDT

New question in Texas: Can Davis survive defeat?

In race for Texas governor, new question is whether Wendy Davis can survive defeat

Saturday - 11/01/2014, 05:16pm EDT

Alaska mine project splits major state industries

Alaska mine project fought by wealthy conservative pits major industries against each other

Saturday - 11/01/2014, 01:18pm EDT

Georgia, North Carolina midterms: Race matters

In Georgia, North Carolina, black voters could help Democrats preserve their Senate majority

Saturday - 11/01/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Poll shows Warner ahead by 7 percentage points

Poll shows Mark Warner ahead by 7 percentage points over GOP challenger Ed Gillespie

Saturday - 11/01/2014, 12:20pm EDT

Illinois Dems dig deep to keep governor's office

In Obama's home state, a tough fight to keep governor's office in Democratic hands

Saturday - 11/01/2014, 07:52am EDT

Democrats in tight New England governor races

Blue state advantage? Not this year for Democrats locked in tough New England governor races

Saturday - 11/01/2014, 06:26am EDT

Early votes exceed 15 million _ but who benefits?

Early voters already top 15 million in 31 states; both sides claim boost in battle for Senate

Saturday - 11/01/2014, 05:26am EDT
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