Nissan to Have Commercially Viable "Autonomous Drive" Vehicles by 2020

The automaker is working toward multiple, commercially viable self-driving cars.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:40am EDT

Mortgage Applications Fall for 10th Time in 11 Weeks

The Mortgage Bankers Association reported today that applications for home loans fell for the third time in a row last week.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:36am EDT

RBC Earnings Look Poised to Keep Pushing Higher

The Canadian bank's growth has been slow but solid, but will RBC earnings keep moving higher?

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:24am EDT

Pizza Franchises Could Deliver Sales in Japan

An Australian franchise holder has invested in pizza.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:21am EDT

Dr Pepper Sees Expansion Differently

This company has what it takes.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:21am EDT

Amazon Turns Up the Heat in Mobile Commerce

Apps are where it's at

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:21am EDT

Bon-Ton Keeps Dividend Steady

The fashion retailer has made the same quarterly payout to investors for the past six years.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:21am EDT

CONMED Keeps Dividend Steady

The medical technology specialist has made the same payout since it started paying a dividend last year.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:19am EDT

Superior Industries Hikes Dividend 12.5%

The auto parts supplier accelerated the payment of 201 dividends due to uncertainties surrounding dividend tax rate changes.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:17am EDT

Facebook's New Shared Photo Albums and Why They Matter

Imagine leaving thousands of tagged photos with comments and likes (all organized into albums) behind. It wouldn't be easy.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:13am EDT

Westlake Chemical Hikes Dividend 20%

The specialty chemicals maker paid a special dividend to investors last November.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:08am EDT

Jack Henry Keeps Dividend Steady

The financial services technology specialist has made quarterly payouts to investors since 1990.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:02am EDT

How Apple Will Defend Its Margins

With the pending release of the new iPhone models, some investors are worried that Apple's margins will plunge.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:00am EDT

Banks Lead Dow's Tumble

Concerns about Syria sent stocks down again, but the big banks were down for other reasons.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 04:00am EDT

Enerplus Keeps September Dividend Steady

The Canadian energy company's dividends are paid from cash flows generated from the sale of its production.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 03:59am EDT

Strategic Hotels Sets Preferred Dividends

The real estate investment trust declared payouts for three series of preferred shares.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 03:51am EDT

Is Warren Buffett Wrong About Coca-Cola?

Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of all time, but even he makes mistakes sometimes. Is Coca-Cola one of those mistakes?

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 03:15am EDT

Dow Futures Flat With Housing Data on Tap

The overall market may be down, but some stocks are bucking that trend.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 03:15am EDT

Why Uni-Pixel Shares Popped

Is this meaningful or just another movement?

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 03:04am EDT

Why the Dow's Biggest Losers Came From 1 Sector Today

The Dow's 170-point drop came largely from financial stocks.

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 03:00am EDT
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