Singapore backs call to destroy gay-themed books

Singapore minister backs decision to destroy books featuring gay and lesbian lifestyle

Saturday - 07/12/2014, 07:20am EDT

In South Korea, ex-spy remains stuck in the cold

In South Korea, where ex-spies can become celebs, former 'Mata Hari' remains stuck in the cold

Saturday - 07/12/2014, 05:18am EDT

10 killed in roadside bombings in Afghanistan

Roadside bombings in Afghanistan kill at least 10 people as Taliban offensive rages on

Saturday - 07/12/2014, 05:10am EDT

Cambodian police investigate death of American man

Cambodian police investigate the death of American man whose body was found at garbage dump

Saturday - 07/12/2014, 01:20am EDT

Strong quake hits Japan, triggering small tsunami

Strong quake hits northern Japan, triggering a small tsunami and injuring at least 1 person

Friday - 07/11/2014, 10:30pm EDT

Indicted Russian's family say he's innocent

Family of Russian indicted on hacking charges in the US says he will die without medication

Friday - 07/11/2014, 09:23pm EDT

WHO: Basic hygiene can help prevent MERS spread

WHO urges pilgrims to Mecca: Wash hands, keep away from coughing people to prevent MERS spread

Friday - 07/11/2014, 07:30pm EDT

Kerry meets with Afghan presidential candidates

Friday - 07/11/2014, 04:50pm EDT

French court convicts 9 in Afghan terror network

French court convicts 9 in Afghan terror network that reportedly planned attack in France

Friday - 07/11/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Indian actress and dancer Zohra Sehgal dies

Actress and dancer Zohra Sehgal, who charmed in Bollywood films and beyond, dies at 102

Friday - 07/11/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Indian prime minister to meet Obama in September

India's new prime minister accepts Obama's invitation to visit Washington in September

Friday - 07/11/2014, 03:12pm EDT

Samsung faces fresh child labor claim in China

Samsung Electronics faces fresh claim of child labor at China supplier

Friday - 07/11/2014, 02:28pm EDT

Brazil's new stadiums seek post-World Cup events

White Elephants: 4 World Cup stadiums look for fans, games, events to pay $1.6 billion bill

Friday - 07/11/2014, 01:24pm EDT

California man sentenced to 15 years for espionage

California man gets 15-year prison sentence for economic-espionage conviction involving China

Friday - 07/11/2014, 12:14pm EDT

Markets steady after Portuguese bank scare

A day after being roiled by Portuguese bank scare, markets steady

Friday - 07/11/2014, 12:07pm EDT

Recipe for higher sales: Add fiber, cinnamon

A cookie with fiber, a cereal with more cinnamon; General Mills unveils plans to boost sales

Friday - 07/11/2014, 10:00am EDT

Oil price sheds gains as supply worries ease

Crude oil slips closer to $102 a barrel again, surrendering gains as supply concerns ease

Friday - 07/11/2014, 09:40am EDT

India village council accused of ordering rape

Girl raped on Indian village council orders in revenge for brother's crime, police say

Friday - 07/11/2014, 09:40am EDT

China tells reporters to work within state media

China warns journalists not to share unpublished materials in social media, with foreign media

Friday - 07/11/2014, 09:40am EDT
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