Mauritania opposition plans to boycott election

Mauritania opposition plans to boycott presidential election

Sunday - 05/04/2014, 03:00pm EDT

Kenya police: 3 dead in 2 explosions in Nairobi

Kenya police: 3 dead, at least 60 wounded in 2 explosions in the capital city, Nairobi

Sunday - 05/04/2014, 02:49pm EDT

Pistorius trial: What's ahead

Oscar Pistorius murder trial glance: What's still to come

Sunday - 05/04/2014, 12:50pm EDT

Rebel leader: Islamic extremists kill N. Mali man

Rebel leader: Islamic extremists kill N. Mali man who foiled attack on airport

Sunday - 05/04/2014, 09:10am EDT

Schools in Nigeria capital closing for security

Schools, government offices in Nigeria capital closing as security measure for economic forum

Sunday - 05/04/2014, 06:40am EDT

Kenya gov't: 3 killed in 2 blasts at Kenyan coast

Kenya government: 3 people killed, 7 wounded in 2 blasts along Kenyan coast

Sunday - 05/04/2014, 04:04am EDT

Ivory Coast tries ecotourism to save chimpanzees

Ivory Coast launches ecotourism to try to save chimpanzees from extinction

Saturday - 05/03/2014, 11:49am EDT

Bomb planted in gov't vehicle kills 5 in Somalia

Somali police: Blast in government vehicle kills 5 in Somalia

Saturday - 05/03/2014, 11:49am EDT

2 Kenyan police arrested transporting ivory

2 Kenya police officers arrested in gov't poaching crackdown

Saturday - 05/03/2014, 07:40am EDT

Peace talks tentatively set for South Sudan

Kerry announces tentative talks in effort to bring peace to South Sudan

Saturday - 05/03/2014, 02:48am EDT

Nigeria police: 276 abducted girls still missing

Police revision: Extremists kidnapped more than 300 Nigerian schoolgirls, missing up to 276

Friday - 05/02/2014, 05:08pm EDT

Official: Republic of Congo deports nearly 60,000

Official: Republic of Congo deports nearly 60,000 people to neighboring Congo in 3 weeks

Friday - 05/02/2014, 03:57pm EDT

US warns of terror threat to hotel in Nigeria

US warns of terror threat to Sheraton hotel in Nigeria's commercial capital

Friday - 05/02/2014, 03:44pm EDT

Nigeria car bomb death toll up to 19 dead

Nigeria car bomb death toll up to 19 dead, days before international leaders expected

Friday - 05/02/2014, 01:09pm EDT

Uganda to criminalize 'wilful' HIV transmission

Uganda prepares measure criminalizing the intentional transmission of HIV amid growing rate

Friday - 05/02/2014, 11:50am EDT

South Africa to vote next week

South Africa campaign draws to a close ahead of May 7 election likely to see ruling party win

Friday - 05/02/2014, 10:48am EDT

South Africa: Poachers hit urban area, rhino dies

Rhino poachers encroach on South African urban areas; rhino killed

Friday - 05/02/2014, 10:40am EDT

Ethiopia: At least 11 students killed in violence

11 Ethiopian students killed in violent confrontations with police in country's largest state

Friday - 05/02/2014, 08:50am EDT

Explosion kills 12 in Nigerian capital, Abuja

Explosion kills at least 12 people in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, 2nd blast in 3 weeks

Friday - 05/02/2014, 04:34am EDT

Reports: Abducted girls married to Nigerian rebels

Reports: Abducted girls forced to marry Nigerian extremists; demands for action

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 12:20am EDT

Famine fears in S. Sudan; but leaders unconcerned

Famine, genocide fears in South Sudan: UN official 'appalled' by leaders' indifference

Wednesday - 04/30/2014, 03:21pm EDT

Senegal: Rebel leader declares ceasefire

Senegal: Rebel leader declares ceasefire, looks to end southern insurgency

Wednesday - 04/30/2014, 01:39pm EDT

Republic of Congo deports thousands lacking papers

Republic of Congo deports thousands to neighboring Congo for lack of immigration papers

Tuesday - 04/29/2014, 02:58pm EDT

Kenyan president signs bill making polygamy legal

Polygamous unions now formally legal in Kenya after president assents bill

Tuesday - 04/29/2014, 02:41pm EDT

C. African Republic: Militants decapitate Muslim

Central African Republic: Christian militants decapitate young Muslim man in capital

Tuesday - 04/29/2014, 02:01pm EDT
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