US House candidate in Oklahoma dies after crash

Democratic nominee in US House race in Oklahoma dies from injuries suffered in car crash

Monday - 11/03/2014, 08:48pm EST

Michelle Obama stumps for Brown in Maryland

Michelle Obama urges voters to support Brown in Maryland's governor's race

Monday - 11/03/2014, 06:50pm EST

Immigration poses political problem for island UK

Immigration debate: Britain's neighbors worry as Euroskeptic surge fuels a more insular UK

Monday - 11/03/2014, 04:40pm EST

With Senate at stake, candidates clash over Obama

On eve of election, candidates clash over Obama as focus shifts to turnout

Monday - 11/03/2014, 04:20pm EST

White House predicts Democrats will hold Senate

Monday - 11/03/2014, 03:30pm EST

Republicans mull strategy if they control Congress

GOP challenge: Winning the Senate is 1 thing; governing and dealing with Obama is another

Monday - 11/03/2014, 03:18pm EST

In New Hampshire, Clinton shows family ties

Campaigning in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton shows her family's clout

Monday - 11/03/2014, 01:33pm EST

Some Maine towns in dark as election approaches

Powerful storm leaves some Maine towns in the dark as Election Day approaches

Monday - 11/03/2014, 12:50pm EST

Seniors could be key on medical marijuana in Fla.

Seniors could be key to medical marijuana initiative in Florida; some call the drug a godsend

Monday - 11/03/2014, 10:48am EST

5 keys to Republicans winning the Senate majority

Keys to a GOP Senate: Nab the easy ones, split the tough ones, don't lose ground, win runoffs

Monday - 11/03/2014, 09:06am EST

Romania seeks to help overseas voters

Romania taking steps to make sure overseas voters can cast ballots in the runoff

Monday - 11/03/2014, 08:24am EST

Republican gains could aid Obama's Asia trade pact

If Republicans take Senate, Asia trade could be rare point of common ground with White House

Monday - 11/03/2014, 07:54am EST

Obama switches planes because of mechanical issue

Obama switches planes because of mechanical issue described as 'minor'

Monday - 11/03/2014, 05:10am EST

List of Senate candidates with House backgrounds

List of Senate candidates in Tuesday's elections with House backgrounds

Monday - 11/03/2014, 03:40am EST

Early voting up in 10 states compared with 2010

More people cast a ballot early in at least 10 states than in 2010 as elections approach

Monday - 11/03/2014, 03:34am EST

5 things to watch in Senate races Tuesday night

5 things to watch Tuesday night as Republican battle for 6 new Senate seats and the majority

Monday - 11/03/2014, 03:06am EST

Party leaders clash over Obama as election nears

Party leaders clash over Obama as focus shifts to turnout and Election Day nears

Monday - 11/03/2014, 02:50am EST

More people voting early in 10 states than in 2010

As Election Day draws near, more people cast a ballot early in at least 10 states than in 2010

Monday - 11/03/2014, 02:40am EST

Clinton says New Hampshire taught her about 'grit'

Hillary Clinton says New Hampshire voters taught her about 'grit and determination' in 2008

Monday - 11/03/2014, 02:34am EST

Former House members bring changes to Senate

An influx of former House members bringing changes, confrontation to the Senate

Monday - 11/03/2014, 02:32am EST
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