Analysis: Hoping legislative defeats boost turnout

Analysis: Both parties hope to boost turnout this fall with doomed legislation

Monday - 04/21/2014, 03:24am EDT

CIA seeking diversity to contend with global challenges

To achieve its missing in a rapidly evolving world, the Central Intelligence Agency is moving to blend in.

Monday - 04/21/2014, 02:03am EDT

Malaysia, Flight 370 relatives talk financial help

Malaysia, Flight 370 relatives talk financial help; another plane makes emergency landing

Monday - 04/21/2014, 12:08am EDT

Nigerians mark Easter amid mourning and fear

Mourning bomb blast victims, fearing fate of 85 abducted girls, Nigerians mark Easter

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 11:01pm EDT

Construction frenzy in Beirut alters city skyline

Construction frenzy in Lebanon alters Beirut's skyline, as high rises replace old heritage

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 10:52pm EDT

Part of Fla. history to step back into spotlight

Part of Fla. history to step back into spotlight; State spends millions to transform The Grove

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 04:26pm EDT

Obama, family cause a small stir at Easter service

President Obama, family welcomed to Easter service by eager congregation at DC Baptist church

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 04:24pm EDT

Kuwait court shuts 2 newspapers over coup articles

Kuwait court orders 2 newspapers temporarily closed after articles about alleged coup plot

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 03:29pm EDT

San Francisco probe leading to entrapment claims

San Francisco Chinatown probe led by FBI undercover agents leads to entrapment claims

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 03:28pm EDT

Abdullah's lead grows in new Afghan vote results

Abdullah increases lead in partial results for Afghanistan's presidential vote; runoff likely

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 03:22pm EDT

EU official against cutting Russia gas ties

Report: senior EU official opposes cutting back on Russian gas soon but sees need to diversify

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Delay won't quell 2014 wrangling over Keystone XL

Latest delay to Keystone XL pipeline review won't quell political wrangling in 2014 races

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 12:20pm EDT

Time not on side of Russia-Ukraine detente deal

WASHINGTON NOTEBOOK: Clock ticking on tentative Geneva agreement for Russia-Ukraine detente

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 10:32am EDT

Shedding light on Clinton's health overhaul flop

A look into Clinton-era health care struggle finds parallels with Obama's later burdens

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 09:40am EDT

Obama signs bill aimed at blocking Iran's UN envoy

Obama signs legislation aimed at blocking Iran's choice as UN ambassador from entering US

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 08:48am EDT

At barricades, Ukraine insurgents await Easter

East Ukraine insurgents prepare for Easter, fortify barricades

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 05:24am EDT

Japan minister at shrine honoring war criminals

Japan Cabinet minister visits shrine at center of controversy for honoring war criminals

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 04:32am EDT

Cyber cops: Target hackers may take years to find

Secret Service: Identifying Target hackers could take years, arrests could take longer

Sunday - 04/20/2014, 03:12am EDT
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