Average US 30-year mortgage rate rises to 4.41 pct

Average US rate on 30-year mortgage rises to 4.41 pct; 15-year loan up to 3.47 percent

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 12:08pm EDT

BMW recalls 232,000 cars in China; checking others

BMW recalls 232,000 cars in China with possible engine fault; checking other countries

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 11:10am EDT

Lake Arthur to raise salaries for mayor, aldermen

Lake Arthur Board of Aldermen voted to raise the salaries of next mayor and slate of aldermen

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 10:10am EDT

Dubai firm buys stake in Kerzner's Atlantis hotels

State-run Investment Corp. of Dubai buys 'significant' stake in Kerzner's Atlantis hotels

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 09:44am EDT

Review: Narrative Clip logs your life in photos

Review: Narrative Clip life-logging camera captures all moments, both interesting and mundane

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 06:54am EDT

More business owners ready to hire, survey finds

More small and medium-size business owners optimistic, ready to hire, PNC survey finds

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 06:10am EDT

More Americans see middle class status slipping

More Americans feel they're slipping from middle class after harsh recession and slow recovery

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 05:25am EDT

Samsung: Patents developed by Google engineers

Samsung attorneys say patents contested by Apple were developed by Google engineers

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 10:54pm EDT

Honor student who sued parents picks a college

New Jersey honor student who sued her parents for financial support picks a college

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 10:40pm EDT

World Vision board member resigns over gay uproar

World Vision board member resigns in protest over Christian aid group's reversal on gay hiring

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 08:50pm EDT

Hobby Lobby 401(k) invests in birth control makers

Health care challenger Hobby Lobby's retirement funds invest in contraceptive makers

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 07:00pm EDT

Tesla to appeal changed New Jersey car regulations

Electric carmaker Tesla says it's going to court to appeal amended New Jersey dealer rules

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 05:54pm EDT

Bus crashes beg question: How safe are they?

Travel season means tour buses crisscrossing the country. But after a number of high-profile bus crashes, more and more riders have asked: How safe are they?

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 04:21pm EDT

Ford's Russian joint venture cuts about 950 jobs

Ford says Russian joint venture cutting 950 jobs due to weaker sales, falling ruble

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 04:21pm EDT

Insurers Aetna, WellPoint bulk up executive pay

Health insurers Aetna, WellPoint, bulk up executive pay to keep, attract their CEOs

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 04:00pm EDT

Artist plants fake Bieber CDs in LA stores

Artist plants fake copies of Bieber's latest album in Los Angeles stores on April Fool's Day

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 03:55pm EDT

Under fire: GM's Barra deflects hard questions

On the hot seat: New GM CEO Mary Barra is unflappable, sometimes unresponsive in House hearing

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 03:06pm EDT

America's wealthiest counties: Six of top 10 richest counties in D.C. area

Fall Church City, Va., ranks No. 1 with a median household income of $121,250.

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 03:02pm EDT

How to save money on your summer vacation hotels

Before booking your summer vacation, consider these tips to save on your hotel bill

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 01:36pm EDT
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