Rights group: AU troops raped females in Somalia

Rights group charges that African Union troops in Somalia raped and exploited women and girls

Monday - 09/08/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Kenya police: 2 Australians killed in bus accident

Kenya police: 2 Australians killed after tour bus crashes

Monday - 09/08/2014, 11:52am EDT

Islamic extremists grab towns in northeast Nigeria

Islamic extremists seize more border towns in northeast Nigeria; soldiers battle insurgents

Monday - 09/08/2014, 04:52am EDT

Shells hit Mogadishu after militant leader death

Mortar shells hit Somalia capital after militants vow to avenge militant leaders death

Monday - 09/08/2014, 01:30am EDT

Sierra Leone to have lockdown amid Ebola crisis

Sierra Leone to put entire country in 3-day lockdown amid Ebola crisis, some criticize measure

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 02:10pm EDT

Somalia extremist group names new leader

Somali Islamic extremist group names new leader

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 12:00am EDT

Egypt president asks for patience over power cuts

In televised address, Egypt's president appeals for patience following massive power outage

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 07:10pm EDT

Nigeria: Officials reassure as extremists rampage

Nigerian officials, military reassure citizens as extremists rampage in northeast Nigeria

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 01:30pm EDT

WHO: Use Ebola survivors' blood to treat patients

WHO: Blood from Ebola survivors should be used to treat patients, 2 promising vaccines found

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 12:00pm EDT

US lauds Mozambican peace agreement

US Secretary of State John Kerry praises Mozambican peace agreement

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 11:30am EDT

Hundreds fear extremists, flee north Nigerian city

Hundreds fear attack by Islamic extremists, flee northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri

Friday - 09/05/2014, 02:16pm EDT

2 officers die prepping for Zimbabwe air show

2 officers killed in an aircraft crash preparing for Zimbabwe's air show, official says

Friday - 09/05/2014, 11:50am EDT

Flooded Ethiopia refugee camp to be closed: Group

Ethiopia camp for South Sudanese refugees not habitable following heavy rains, says group

Friday - 09/05/2014, 10:20am EDT

US to provide $75M to expand Ebola care centers

Amid shortages of staff and gear, US promises $75M for expanded Ebola wards, protective suits

Friday - 09/05/2014, 09:58am EDT

US plans major border security program in Nigeria

US plans 'major border security program' to fight Islamic extremists in Nigeria: US official

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 06:56pm EDT

South Africa tapes released to opposition party

Tapes used to drop corruption charges against South Africa president released

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 02:03pm EDT

Zimbabwe president says not to mess with family

Zimbabwe president warns not to mess with family, amid debate on wife's entry into politics

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Dalai Lama again refused S. Africa visa, no trip

Dalai Lama cancels visit to South Africa Nobel Laureate summit after he is again refused visa

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 12:00pm EDT

UN: Thousands flee Islamic attack in north Nigeria

UN refugee agency: Thousands flee Islamic fighters attacking northeast Nigeria, north Cameroon

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 01:00pm EDT

Lesotho prime minister escorted back home

South African police escort Lesotho prime minister home, stay to keep security, says official

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 11:10am EDT

Somali government offers amnesty to extremists

Somali government offers amnesty to al-Shabab extremists, gives them up to 45 days to accept

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 10:58am EDT

Group says world is losing battle against Ebola

Medical group says world is losing battle against Ebola, laments state of treatment centers

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 06:42am EDT

UN: 4 peacekeepers killed in north Mali, 15 hurt

UN: 4 peacekeepers killed in north Mali, 15 wounded, when convoy hit mine

Wednesday - 09/03/2014, 05:20am EDT

Islamic fighters besiege Nigerian city: Senator

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 09:10pm EDT

Police abandon posts in Lesotho, fear for lives

Lesotho police abandon posts out of fear of attack; tense capital waits for PM's return

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 10:44am EDT
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