Rights group: Thailand should investigate torture

Rights group says Thailand must probe allegations police tortured suspects in tourist killings

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 03:40am EDT

North Korea, at UN, mentions its labor camps

North Korea acknowledges the existence of labor camps; observer calls it a 'modest step'

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 03:22am EDT

3 from missing Thai helicopter survive

Passenger on copter that disappeared 10 days ago walks into Myanmar village, says pilots alive

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 10:00pm EDT

Australia plans ban on foreign 'hate preachers'

Australia says will ban foreign 'hate preachers' and attempt to ban radical Hizb-ut-Tahrir

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 09:50pm EDT

Murky players emerge from within Hong Kong protest

Murky players emerge from the shadows of the Hong Kong protests

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 08:22pm EDT

6 die in dengue virus outbreak in southern China

6 dead from dengue virus in southern Chinese province, in worst outbreak in about 2 decades

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 06:08pm EDT

Myanmar freeing 3,073 prisoners in new amnesty

Myanmar pardons 3,073 prisoners, including intelligence officers jailed in political purge

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 05:07pm EDT

Suspected US drone strikes kill 10 in Pakistan

Officials: Suspected US drone strikes on Taliban compounds in Pakistan kills 10 militants

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 04:20pm EDT

France-Kazakhstan kickback deals investigated

France-Kazakhstan deals worth 2 billion euro under investigation over suspected kickbacks

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 02:20pm EDT

Hong Kong protests thin as two sides agree to talk

Hong Kong protests thin out as territory's government agrees to talk with student leaders

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 11:53am EDT

Family: Bianchi in critical but stable condition

Family of Jules Bianchi says the Formula One driver is in critical but stable condition

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 11:30am EDT

Warships of rival Koreas exchange warning shots

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 10:20am EDT

Smuggled phones help N. Korea defectors send money

Cellphones smuggled into N. Korea allow defectors to hear from families, and get them cash

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 09:58am EDT

Image of Asia: Waiting for the rain to end

Image of Asia: Waiting for the rain to end in Sri Lanka

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 09:13am EDT

India, Pakistan exchange fire over Kashmir border

India, Pakistan exchange fire over Kashmir border for 2nd day; at least 1 civilian killed

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 08:03am EDT

S. Korea rumor crackdown jolts social media users

S. Korea rumor crackdown threatens popular message app Kakao Talk, growing tech industry star

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 03:14am EDT

Samsung expects lowest profit in over 3 years

Samsung suffers financial crunch after lackluster sales of flagship Galaxy smartphone

Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 02:00am EDT

Airmen swept to sea by typhoon identified

Air Force officials in Georgia ID dead, missing airmen swept to sea during typhoon in Japan

Monday - 10/06/2014, 10:40pm EDT

Soldier pleads guilty to stealing $400K in fuel

Fort Bragg soldier pleads guilty to stealing $400,000 in US fuel from Afghanistan base

Monday - 10/06/2014, 10:20pm EDT

Leader hopes Australia troops will soon enter Iraq

Australia's prime minister hopes Australian special forces advisers will soon enter Iraq

Monday - 10/06/2014, 08:30pm EDT
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