US: Russia has 'days, not weeks' to follow accord

US, Russia trade warnings on Ukraine; Russia told it has 'days, not weeks' to abide by accord

Monday - 04/21/2014, 06:09pm EDT

Russians inspect Montana nuclear launch facilities

Russians inspect demolished nuclear missile launch facilities in Montana as part of treaty

Monday - 04/21/2014, 06:00pm EDT

Court won't hear Fla. employee drug testing rule

Supreme Court won't hear Florida governor's appeal over drug testing for state employees

Monday - 04/21/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Supreme Court considers juice label dispute

Supreme Court appears likely to back Pom Wonderful in juice label dispute with Coke

Monday - 04/21/2014, 05:40pm EDT

Biden in Ukraine to show support as tensions rise

Biden visiting Ukraine a day after violence erupts despite agreement aimed at easing tension

Monday - 04/21/2014, 05:34pm EDT

Man avoids $525 fine for refill at SC hospital

Man reprimanded for refilling drink at SC hospital without paying 89 cents; $525 fine dropped

Monday - 04/21/2014, 05:30pm EDT

Obamas hosting annual Easter Egg Roll

Spring tradition: Obamas hosting annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House

Monday - 04/21/2014, 04:44pm EDT

US justices seek middle ground in Argentina case

US Supreme Court seeks middle ground between Argentina, creditors on access to foreign assets

Monday - 04/21/2014, 04:40pm EDT

US marshal shoots defendant in federal court

Monday - 04/21/2014, 04:30pm EDT

Baltimore Senator Jones-Rodwell to retire

Baltimore Sen. Verna Jones-Rodwell cancels re-election campaign, announces retirement plans

Monday - 04/21/2014, 04:20pm EDT

New Jersey's Christie named a Father of the Year

National Father's Day Council picks New Jersey Gov. Christie as 1 of its dads of the year

Monday - 04/21/2014, 04:12pm EDT

AP hires statehouse reporters in Idaho, Montana

New AP statehouse reporters: Lisa Baumann in Montana and Kimberlee Kruesi in Idaho

Monday - 04/21/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Montana uses grant to buy grizzly bear habitat

Montana uses federal grant to buy 320 acres of threatened grizzly bear habitat in Teton County

Monday - 04/21/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Ex-justice says politics can be factor on retiring

Retired Justice Stevens says it's OK for justices to consider politics in weighing retirement

Monday - 04/21/2014, 03:28pm EDT

Michelle Obama: 'splurging is the key to life'

Michelle Obama says 'splurging is the key to life,' sweets OK if you eat right, stay active

Monday - 04/21/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Mauritania to hold presidential elections in June

Mauritania to hold presidential elections on June 21

Monday - 04/21/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Court to look at 'born in Jerusalem' passport case

Supreme Court will look anew at case of American with passport listing birth in Jerusalem

Monday - 04/21/2014, 02:08pm EDT

Postal Service unveils image for Harvey Milk stamp

Harvey Milk stamp based on photograph taken in front of his camera store

Monday - 04/21/2014, 01:45pm EDT

GOP campaign committee has $31M to hold House

House Republicans' campaign committee sets aside $31 million to hold onto majority

Monday - 04/21/2014, 01:22pm EDT
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