5 interviewed for Lafayette airport director job

Search committee narrows to 5 candidates vying to be Lafayette Regional Airport director

Friday - 11/14/2014, 08:36am EST

Plus-size jeans controversy hits social media

Old Navy is dealing with a big old controversy.

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:21am EST

How safe is mobile banking? And how can you make it safer?

It's one of the modern conveniences that actually is convenient: banking on your cellphone. Forget to make a payment, or accidentally overdraw? You can fix it in a minute. But how safe is it, really?

Friday - 11/14/2014, 06:32am EST

Morgan Stanley pushed murky China stock to market

US banking giant backed, underwrote, promoted Chinese company dogged by financial questions

Friday - 11/14/2014, 06:02am EST

China auto sales hold steady in October

China auto sales growth holds steady in October, market share for local brands edges up

Friday - 11/14/2014, 05:38am EST

US stocks close higher as Dow Jones hits record

Stocks close higher after flitting between gains and losses for most of day; DreamWorks soars

Friday - 11/14/2014, 12:22am EST

100 police patrol in town with tiger on prowl

100 police patrolling overnight in town near Disneyland Paris as tiger eludes huge search

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 11:58pm EST

Time to drop hypocrisy and legalize sports betting

New Jersey judge has a chance to drop hypocrisy and legalize sports betting

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 11:50pm EST

Gov't tells US drivers to get used to cheap gas

National average price of gas to average under $3 for 2015, 13 percent drop from 2014

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 08:58pm EST

NFL union wants change on personal conduct policy

NFL players' union wants to negotiate with league in changing personal conduct policy

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 07:30pm EST

Wal-Mart and Viacom are big market movers

Wal-Mart, Viacom, JC Penney, Cyber-Ark, and DreamWorks Animation are big market movers

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 05:49pm EST

Bond index funds are gaining converts

Index investing isn't just for stocks: Bond index funds are drawing billions of dollars

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 05:48pm EST

Senate committee to hold Takata air bag hearing

Senate Commerce Committee to hold hearings on Takata air bag recalls

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 05:39pm EST

UPS shares fall on 2015 earnings forecast

UPS shares drop after company issues disappointing profit outlook for 2015

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 05:00pm EST

Privacy protections unite carmakers

Principles to protect motorists' privacy unite carmakers in an era of computerized cars

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 04:20pm EST

Average US 30-year loan rate slips to 4.01 pct.

Average US rate on 30-year mortgage slips to 4.01 pct.; 30-year loan at 3.20 pct.

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 04:18pm EST

Update on the latest business

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 02:39pm EST

19 car makers commit to privacy protections

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 02:39pm EST
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