Republicans: Keystone pipeline down, but not out

Republicans to resurrect Keystone pipeline when they take control of Congress next year

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 02:00pm EST

Timberlake becomes co-owner of audio tech company

Justin Timberlake becomes co-owner of audience technology company AfterMaster Audio Labs

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 01:42pm EST

Lowe's rides improving housing market to strong 3Q

Lowe's raises forecast and tops Wall Street expectations in 3Q as housing market warms

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 01:36pm EST

AutoZone ordered to pay $185M over pregnant bias

Federal jury orders AutoZone to pay $185M after finding it retaliated against pregnant manager

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 01:08pm EST

Governments pledge more to prevent malnutrition

Governments at UN conference pledge to do more to prevent malnutrition, including from obesity

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 12:42pm EST

Facebook's newest app unbundles Groups feature

Facebook's newest app unbundles Groups feature to boost appeal to mobile users

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 12:34pm EST

VW recalls 442,000 cars to fix suspension problem

Volkswagen recalls 442,000 cars to fix suspensions that can fracture after crashes

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 12:30pm EST

Anti-corporate groups to stop protesting Davos

2 anti-corporate groups to stop protests at Davos, say World Economic Forum no longer relevant

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 12:08pm EST

US stocks move lower ahead of Fed minutes

US indexes shift lower ahead of Fed minutes, pulling Dow, S&P 500 below records

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 12:07pm EST

Safety agency to push for national air bag recall

US safety agency demands automakers, Takata expand air bag recall to entire nation

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 12:06pm EST

Hilton, Marriott to change cancellation policies

It was probably just a matter of time, wasn't it?

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 10:35am EST

Bank of England remains divided on rate rise

Bank of England policymakers remain divided on interest rate increase

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 09:50am EST

US stocks open lower, easing back from records

US indexes open slightly lower, pulling Dow Jones industrials and S&P 500 below records

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 09:46am EST

10 essential websites for Black Friday deals

Check these sites to find the lowest prices and best sales before you hit the stores.

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 09:45am EST

Are women overcharged? France probes price of pink

Are women overcharged? France probes high price of products, services marketed to women

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 08:56am EST

UN report: Demographic shift could boost growth

UN: Changing demographics in Africa and Asia could boost growth if countries invest in youth

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 08:40am EST

How lower fuel costs, competition affect D.C.-area airfare

The cost of fuel is getting cheaper, but air fares aren't -- and the D.C. area is no exception.

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 08:02am EST

Huge solar plant lags in early production

Huge California solar plant, hailed as turning point in green energy, lags in early production

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 07:24am EST

Lowe's beats Street 3Q forecasts

Lowe's tops 3Q net income and revenue expectations

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 07:20am EST

Japan recession could slow some US companies

From handbags to Harleys, Japan's slide back into recession could hurt US companies

Wednesday - 11/19/2014, 03:22am EST
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