C. African Republic town turns on Muslim leader

Muslim man refuses to leave hometown amid C. African Republic attacks, betrayed by neighbors

Thursday - 03/06/2014, 05:06am EST

Pistorius' character questioned over gun incident

Boxer tells how Oscar Pistorius asked friend to take blame for firing gun in restaurant

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 10:40pm EST

Pistorius trial: Focus switches to his character

Prosecutors switch focus of trial to Pistorius' character; defense also makes some gains

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 02:20pm EST

Pay dispute, sounds of war rattle S. Sudan capital

Sounds of war rattle South Sudan's capital after soldier pay dispute leaves 5 in military dead

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 11:00am EST

SAfrican home of exiled Rwandan general attacked

Armed attack on South African home of exiled former Rwandan general, police say

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 09:24am EST

Once-calm witness cries at Pistorius murder trial

Pistorius neighbor breaks down on stand after murder trial interrupted

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 02:14am EST

Pistorius trial: A look at dramatic 2nd day

Oscar Pistorius murder trial: A look at a dramatic 2nd day

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 12:18am EST

TV channel apologizes for Pistorius witness image

Pistorius trial: South African TV channel apologizes for broadcasting image of witness

Wednesday - 03/05/2014, 12:08am EST

Militants kill 11 people in their homes in Nigeria

Islamic militants in northeastern Nigeria burn 11 people to death in their homes

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 04:59pm EST

Former US Rep says he is in hiding in South Africa

Ex-US Rep Mel Reynolds, who was arrested in Zimbabwe, says he is in hiding in South Africa

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 01:08pm EST

Pistorius trial: A look at main issues on 1st day

Oscar Pistorius murder trial: A look at the main issues on the 1st day

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 05:14am EST

Witness at Pistorius trial recalls hearing screams

First witness at Pistorius trial recalls 'blood-curdling screams;' runner pleads not guilty

Tuesday - 03/04/2014, 03:14am EST

7 suspected Nigerian militants are arrested

Nigeria arrests 7 suspected Islamic militants in case of slain pro-Western sheik

Monday - 03/03/2014, 04:30pm EST

Gunmen kill 3 policemen in Nigeria

Police: Suspected Islamic militants kill 3 policemen killed in northern Nigeria

Monday - 03/03/2014, 03:50pm EST

Nigeria bloodshed continues with 32 dead

After written warning, officials say 32 dead in northeast Nigerian village

Monday - 03/03/2014, 02:01pm EST

1st Wildlife Day marks elephant, rhino deaths

1st World Wildlife Day spotlights need to stop elephant, rhino deaths in a $19B illicit trade

Monday - 03/03/2014, 10:31am EST

Pride of Africa: Kenya celebrates Nyong'o's Oscar

'Pride of Africa,' president says: Kenyans celebrate Lupita Nyong'o's Oscar win

Monday - 03/03/2014, 09:11am EST

More than 300,000 face famine in Mozambique

More than 300,000 people in Mozambique facing famine this year, agriculture minister says

Monday - 03/03/2014, 07:50am EST

Pistorius trial: The main players

Oscar Pistorius trial: The main players

Monday - 03/03/2014, 05:32am EST

Pistorius enters courtroom for start of trial

Oscar Pistorius enters courtroom for start of murder trial for killing of girlfriend

Monday - 03/03/2014, 05:00am EST

Murder trial of Pistorius to start in South Africa

Oscar Pistorius faces hurdle at murder trial in explaining why he shot through a closed door

Sunday - 03/02/2014, 10:54pm EST

Pistorius channel goes on air in South Africa

24-hour TV channel dedicated to Oscar Pistorius trial goes on air in South Africa

Sunday - 03/02/2014, 03:31pm EST

Pistorius trial: The pieces of the puzzle

A toilet door, a gun, an iPhone and prosthetic legs: Pistorius trial evidence at a glance

Sunday - 03/02/2014, 11:52am EST

Pistorius trial: Who are the witnesses?

Oscar Pistorius trial: Who are the state witnesses and what might they say?

Sunday - 03/02/2014, 11:48am EST

90 killed in 2 attacks in northern Nigeria

51 killed in car bombs, 39 in village attack as Islamic extremists step up attacks in Nigeria

Sunday - 03/02/2014, 11:33am EST
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