Obama immigration plan good, not great for economy

Economists say broader immigration overhaul would drive more growth than Obama's actions

Updated 53 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Shifting attitudes at play in Cosby allegations

Why now? Assault victim advocates point to shifting cultural attitudes in Cosby allegations

Updated 53 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Family of NYC man killed by police seeks answers

After fatal shooting of unarmed man by New York police officer, answers demanded

Updated 58 minutes, 44 seconds ago

AP sources: Obama broadens mission in Afghanistan

AP sources: Obama approves limited re-engagement with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

Updated 59 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Anti-government protest in Albania's capital

Large demonstration takes place in Albania's capital against government's economic policies

Updated 59 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Analysis: Veto gives Obama edge on immigration

Analysis: Lawsuit, 2016 election are GOP's likely best bets to overturn Obama on immigration

Updated 59 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Gambling nuke commander linked to fake poker chips

Investigators found fired nuke commander may have made counterfeit poker chips

Updated 59 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Egypt to host major economic conference in March

Egypt, supported by Saudi Arabia and UAE, to host international economic conference in March

Updated 59 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Portuguese police detain ex-premier in fraud case

Portuguese police detain former Socialist prime minister, 3 others in corruption case

Updated 59 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Dow, S&P 500 push further into record territory

US stocks rise, pushing Dow and S&P 500 indexes further into record territory

Updated 59 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Kerry says gaps remain in talks about Iran's nukes

Kerry says gaps remain in Iran nuclear talks, raising questions about Monday's deadline

Updated 03 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Bahrain holds its first major vote since unrest

Opposition boycott looms over Bahrain's first full election since Arab Spring-inspired unrest

Updated 03 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Thai leader pats reporter on head, tugs his ear

Thai prime minister plays pals with media by patting reporter on head and tugging his ear

Updated 13 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Obama, Jeter tee off on exclusive Vegas course

Obama spending weekend in Las Vegas area, tees off on exclusive course with Derek Jeter

Updated 23 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Obama to Ferguson: 'Keep protests peaceful'

Obama tells Ferguson 'keep protests peaceful' as grand jury nears decision in police shooting

Updated 23 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Holder urges calm ahead of Ferguson decision

In video message ahead of Ferguson decision, Holder urges calm behavior by protesters, police

Updated 23 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Midterm elections get a yawn, but not in Oregon

Midterm elections induced yawns among many Americans, but less so in Oregon

Updated 35 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Bill Cosby controversy: A decade in the making

Timeline of sex assault allegations against Bill Cosby since they first became public in 2005

Updated 37 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Report: Grouse needs 3-mile buffer from drilling

Feds find struggling Western bird needs 3-mile buffer from drilling, impacting energy industry

Updated 45 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Soaring generic drug prices draw Senate scrutiny

Price spikes for once-cheap generic drugs draw scrutiny from Senate lawmakers

Updated 45 minutes, 45 seconds ago
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