Czechs to compensate sterilized Gypsy women

Czech government works on legislation to compensate Gypsy women sterilized against their will

Updated 10 minutes, 06 seconds ago

2 Israeli troops wounded by gunfire from Egypt

Israeli military says 2 soldiers wounded by gunfire from Egyptian side of border

Updated 10 minutes, 08 seconds ago

Kuwait sentences 13 over controversial speech

Kuwaiti court sentences 13 activists to prison terms for reciting opposition leader's speech

Updated 10 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Democratic chair: Election is 'neck and neck'

Democratic chair Wasserman-Schultz calls Nov. 4 election campaign for Senate 'neck and neck'

Updated 10 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Gov't seeks supplies for immigration documents

Signal of Obama's plans? Government seeks supplies for millions more immigration documents

Updated 10 minutes, 11 seconds ago

FBI: Denver girls may have tried to join jihadis

FBI to look at friends of Denver girls who may have tried to join Islamic State group in Syria

Updated 10 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Investigators question Secret Service assignment

Government investigators question 'problematic' Secret Service assignment to check on employee

Updated 10 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Government to announce Social Security COLA

Government to announce Social Security COLA; preliminary numbers suggest it will be small

Updated 10 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Rural areas seek piece of subprime-loan settlement

Rural areas of US hit hard by subprime mortgage crisis seek piece of settlement pie

Updated 10 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Ben Bradlee remembered for invigorating journalism

For former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, good journalism coincided with good timing

Updated 12 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Asia needs policy coordination amid slower growth

APEC economies to seek policy coordination at next month's summit amid slower growth

Updated 12 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Tribes in tense Abu Ghraib vow to keep IS out

As Islamic State group pushes toward Baghdad, Iraqi tribes in Abu Ghraib buck takeover

Updated 12 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Hunt for 43 students highlights Mexico's missing

Hunt for 43 'disappeared' youths puts spotlight on Mexico's long, and growing, list of missing

Updated 12 minutes, 14 seconds ago

At Berlin Wall, Kerry warns against Cold War redux

Kerry warns against return to Cold War over Ukraine crisis as he visits Berlin Wall remnant

Updated 16 minutes, 07 seconds ago

2nd ship to join hunt for missing Malaysian plane

2nd ship to join hunt for missing Malaysian plane; defense minister says 'We will find MH370'

Updated 26 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Ebola airport checks expand; nurses get training

US closes gap in Ebola screening of air travelers as states try to prepare hospitals, nurses

Updated 26 minutes, 14 seconds ago

The Clintons, the Democrats' 2014 super surrogates

Bill and Hillary Clinton are playing a top surrogate role for Democrats in 2014

Updated 28 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Klain meets with Obama on first day as Ebola czar

Ron Klain to meet with Obama, top White House aides on first day as Ebola czar

Updated 28 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Hungary planning onerous tax on Internet use

Complaints mount about Hungarian government's plan for onerous tax on Internet use

Updated 36 minutes, 12 seconds ago

NKorea tries on the charm to avoid ICC referral

NKorea tries on the charm to avoid being referred to Int'l Criminal Court for rights abuses

Updated 40 minutes, 06 seconds ago
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