Protesters in HK to vote on staying in streets

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong to vote on government talks offer or staying in streets

Updated 00 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Pakistan detects more polio cases on awareness day

WHO: Pakistan detects 3 more polio cases, bringing total to 220 as world marks awareness day

Updated 01 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Marine murder case reveals US-Philippine sore spot

2 rings of security _ 1 US, 1 Filipino _ around arrested Marine reflect sore spot in relations

Updated 01 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Australia says missing plane hunt will take months

Australia says hunt for missing Malaysian plane progressing but likely to take many months

Updated 01 minutes, 55 seconds ago

AP PHOTOS: North Korea farmers expect good harvest

AP PHOTOS: Despite dry spell, North Korean farmers expect good vegetable harvest next month

Updated 01 minutes, 55 seconds ago

NKorea signals US must apologize to free detainees

US must apologize to free 2 remaining American prisoners, North Korean legal experts say

Updated 02 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Cloning whistle-blower: little change in S. Korea

Whistle-blower sees little change in South Korea 10 years after exposing cloning fraud

Updated 02 minutes, 01 seconds ago

China, 20 other countries initiate new Asian bank

21 countries initiate new China-backed Asian bank opposed by US as rival to existing lenders

Updated 04 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Global stocks rattled by Ebola case in New York

Global stock markets rattled by first case of Ebola in New York

Updated 06 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Nepal bus accident kills 9, injures dozens

Overcrowded bus drives off Nepal mountain road, killing 9 and injuring dozens

Updated 38 minutes, 05 seconds ago

French journalists jailed in Indonesia's Papua

French journalists get 2 1/2 months in jail for illegal reporting in Indonesia's Papua

Updated 58 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Jailed Bangladesh ex-Islamist leader dies

Bangladesh ex-Islamist leader convicted of war crimes dies of heart attack in hospital

Updated 1 hours, 28 minutes ago

British woman dies during Thai cosmetic surgery

British woman dies during cosmetic surgery in Thailand; doctor arrested

Updated 1 hours, 30 minutes ago

Prisoner in Afghanistan to be tried in US

For first time, military detainee in Afghanistan being transferred to US for criminal trial

Friday - 10/24/2014, 05:10am EDT

US tech firm fined for underpaying Indian workers

US tech firm penalized for mistreatment of Indian employees working 122 hours in a week

Friday - 10/24/2014, 05:10am EDT

China launches experimental moon orbiter

China launches experimental spaceship in preparation for unmanned moon return trip

Friday - 10/24/2014, 04:40am EDT

Insurgents kill 5 in attack in Afghanistan: police

Afghan police: Insurgents open fire on car, killing 5 people and wounding 2

Friday - 10/24/2014, 04:40am EDT

Zuckerberg speaks Chinese, Beijing students cheer

Facebook co-founder, CEO Zuckerberg thrills Chinese students with 30 minutes of Mandarin

Friday - 10/24/2014, 04:10am EDT

Foreign policy question mark over Indonesia leader

Analysis: US hopes Indonesia's Jokowi, novice on foreign stage, sustains regional leadership

Friday - 10/24/2014, 03:28am EDT

Exclusive election body at heart of HK protests

Exclusive, some say opaque, election committee at heart of Hong Kong democracy standoff

Friday - 10/24/2014, 02:32am EDT
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