Dethroned Myanmar beauty queen blasts pageant boss

Dethroned Myanmar beauty queen blasts pageant organizers, wants apology before returning crown

Updated 54 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Pakistan lawmakers back premier amid mass protests

In emergency session, Pakistan lawmakers back embattled premier amid anti-government protests

Updated 56 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Surrogate offers clues into man with 16 babies

A Thai surrogate's story offers clues to the mystery of a Japanese man and his 16 babies

Updated 57 minutes, 00 seconds ago

US stock market edges higher in early trading

US stocks up slightly in early trading as investors await key economic reports

Updated 58 minutes, 35 seconds ago

3 Chinese inmates kill guard, break out of jail

3 inmates in northern China kill guard, escape in rare jailbreak

Updated 36 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Alibaba IPO comes with unusual structure

Alibaba IPO comes with unusual business structure that is price of admittance to China growth

Updated 53 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Philippine House rejects Aquino impeachment

Philippine House committee rejects 3 impeachment complaints against President Aquino

Updated 1 hours, 36 minutes ago

Thai junta forces rights group to nix presentation

Thai junta forces human rights group to cancel presentation on rights situation since coup

Updated 1 hours, 47 minutes ago

Report: Water shortages crimp China shale gas plan

Report says water shortages complicate China's plans to tap enormous shale gas reserves

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 08:10am EDT

Modi promises red carpet for Japan firms in India

Modi woos Japanese business with promises of "red carpet, not red tape"

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 07:26am EDT

North Korea athletes on mission for political gold

Winning for the leader: In sending team south of border, North Korea seeks political gold

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 07:24am EDT

Fiji says Syrian rebels issue demands for captives

Fiji says Syrian rebels issue 3 demands for the release of 45 captive Fijian peacekeepers

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 07:10am EDT

Anti-China group nabbed for planned Manila attacks

Anti-China group nabbed for attempted firebombing at Manila airport and shopping mall

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 06:58am EDT

Attacks kill 3 Afghan policemen, 4 soldiers

Suicide car bomb kills 3 Afghan policemen in east; Taliban kill 4 Afghan soldiers in west

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 06:00am EDT

Australian dad accused of abusing Thai-born twins

Australian biological father accused of sexually abusing twin girls born to Thai surrogate mom

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 05:40am EDT

China anti-dissent playbook may fail in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's rising defiance in democracy battle challenges Beijing's playbook on dissent

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 04:38am EDT

S. Korea soldiers charged with homicide over death

South Korean prosecutors charge 4 soldiers with homicide over hazing death of young conscript

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 04:30am EDT

9 steps a Japanese man took to 16 surrogate babies

A mysterious Japanese man's 9 steps to fathering 16 babies via surrogate mothers in Thailand

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 03:48am EDT

Americans detained in North Korea call for US help

American tourists detained in North Korea expect trial soon; Bae says health deteriorating

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 03:42am EDT
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