Ohio man held in North Korea hoped to aid church

Ohio man detained in North Korea says he left Bible in hopes of aiding 'underground' church

Updated 02 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Plans for Antarctic marine reserve falter again

Plans for giant Antarctic marine reserve falter for 4th time as consensus proves elusive

Updated 03 minutes, 28 seconds ago

After Fukushima, Japan gets green boom _ and glut

Fukushima sets off green boom and glut as utilities choke on cost, hope for return of nuclear

Updated 19 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Bank of Japan redoubles efforts to revive economy

Japan's central bank unexpectedly expands asset purchases to shore up shaky recovery

Updated 25 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Wall Street caps a wild month with a rally

From swoon to surge: US stocks reach record levels after Japan's surprise economic stimulus

Updated 25 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Hello Kitty's 40 years of cuteness and cool

Hello Kitty's 40 years of cuteness and cool: How a nameless cat achieved global fame

Updated 26 minutes, 24 seconds ago

US blacklists Myanmar ruling party lawmaker

US Treasury blacklists Myanmar ruling party lawmaker ahead of Obama visit

Updated 1 hours, 15 minutes ago

News Guide: A look at latest Ebola developments

News Guide: Maine asks judge to limit movements of nurse under quarantine; Power returns home

Friday - 10/31/2014, 04:00pm EDT

Recent moves by central banks, at a glance

Economy-boosting steps taken by the world's central banks, at a glance

Friday - 10/31/2014, 03:30pm EDT

EU confirms North Korea invite for rights visit

EU confirms North Korea's invitation for groundbreaking visit by top human rights official

Friday - 10/31/2014, 01:50pm EDT

US, global stocks get big boost from Bank of Japan

Japan's new stimulus plan sends global stock markets higher; US indexes near record highs

Friday - 10/31/2014, 12:17pm EDT

Shelters fill up after deadly Sri Lanka mudslide

More mudslides possible in Sri Lanka but residents say shelters are full

Friday - 10/31/2014, 12:10pm EDT

Uganda-North Korea ties grow amid democracy doubts

Uganda's president praises North Korea for opposing imperialism amid doubts on democracy

Friday - 10/31/2014, 12:10pm EDT

Thai prime minister, an ex-general, is millionaire

Asset declarations show that Thailand's corruption-fighting Cabinet all well-off

Friday - 10/31/2014, 12:10pm EDT

North Korean Ebola policies hit tourism businesses

North Korean quarantine not disrupting business much, but Ebola-sparked travel ban hits harder

Friday - 10/31/2014, 10:53am EDT

Image of Asia: Watching the iPhone line in Seoul

Image of Asia: Keeping watch over the iPhone line in South Korea

Friday - 10/31/2014, 10:35am EDT

US stocks open higher, following gains in Asia

US stock indexes rise in early trading, following big gains in Asia on new Japan stimulus

Friday - 10/31/2014, 10:22am EDT

Chinese official allegedly hides $33M in bribes

In record seizure, $33 million in cash found at home of suspected corrupt Chinese official

Friday - 10/31/2014, 10:18am EDT

Hong Kong activists mull Beijing visit during APEC

Hong Kong student protest leaders consider visiting Beijing during APEC summit

Friday - 10/31/2014, 09:56am EDT

AP Interview: Dissident forced to leave Vietnam

AP Interview: Freed Vietnam dissident: I had no choice but to go to US, couldn't see family

Friday - 10/31/2014, 09:42am EDT
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