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Gas explosions kill 15, injure 228 in Taiwan

Gas leakage explosions kill 15 people, injure 228 in Taiwan city of Kaohsiung

Updated 52 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Dutch retrieve DNA of some Ukraine crash victims

Dutch-led team retrieves additional DNA from Ukraine crash victims at mortuary in Donetsk

Updated 52 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Abbas seeks broad support for war crimes charges

Abbas seeks broad political support for any attempt to seek war crimes charges against Israel

Updated 56 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Investigators reach Ukraine jet wreckage site

Investigators make 1st inspection of Ukraine war zone site where Malaysian jet went down

Updated 56 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Libya Islamic militias declare control of Benghazi

Libya: Islamic extremist militias declare control of the eastern city of Benghazi

Updated 56 minutes, 21 seconds ago

W. Africa Ebola outbreak tops 700 deaths

W. Africa Ebola outbreak tops 700 deaths; US nurse getting experimental treatment

Updated 56 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Stocks fall in Argentina as country enters default

Uncertainty grips Argentina as country enters default in dispute with US investors

Updated 56 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Israel vows to destroy Hamas tunnels

Israeli PM says military will dismantle Hamas tunnels as 16,000 more reservists called up

Updated 56 minutes, 55 seconds ago

AP Analysis: Putin cornered over Ukraine

AP Analysis: Pushed against the wall over Ukraine, Putin may opt for even tougher course

Updated 57 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Snowden's asylum status in Russia ending

Snowden's asylum status in Russia ending, but he waits for decision on extension

Updated 14 minutes, 42 seconds ago

French forces arrest Mali jihadist ex-leader

French forces arrest former jihadist leader in Mali who was involved in kidnappings

Updated 1 hours, 18 minutes ago

Norway calls off terror alert, says threat gone

Norway calls off terror alert, says country no longer faces imminent threat

Updated 1 hours, 28 minutes ago

Haunting memories 70 years after Warsaw Uprising

Haunting memories stir former fighter as Poles mark 70th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

Updated 1 hours, 31 minutes ago

Afghan electoral officials to restart vote audit

Afghan electoral officials to resume vote audit after dispute over process

Updated 1 hours, 57 minutes ago

French experts in Burkina Faso to ID victims

French experts in Burkina Faso to collect DNA from family to ID victims from Air Algerie crash

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 02:40pm EDT

Greece to help 'hundreds' of Chinese leave Libya

Countries evacuate citizens from Libya amid violence, Greece helps 'hundreds' of Chinese leave

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 02:00pm EDT

China says pro-government imam murdered in NW

China says leading pro-government imam murdered in volatile northwest, 2 suspects killed

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 01:51pm EDT

Female suicide bomber kills at least 6 in Nigeria

Teen suicide bomber kills at least 6 in north Nigeria, 4th female attack in Kano in week

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 01:20pm EDT

UK judge opens inquiry into Litvinenko killing

British judge opens inquiry into Alexander Litvinenko killing, says Russian role is key issue

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Mudslide swallows Indian village; at least 41 dead

Rescuers in remote Indian village dig through mud after massive landslide kills at least 41

Thursday - 07/31/2014, 01:02pm EDT
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