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UN panel: Crimes against humanity spread in Syria

UN panel: Crimes against humanity spread in Syria with attacks by government, Islamic fighters

Updated 00 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Gaza cease-fire holds as sides weigh gains

Gaza cease-fire holding as Israel, Palestinians weigh gains after 50 days of fighting

Updated 00 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Israeli army officer wounded by fire from Syria

Israeli army officer moderately wounded by errant fire from civil war in neighboring Syria

Updated 00 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Inarritu's 'Birdman' opens Venice Film Festival

Michael Keaton hailed as 'Birdman' makes a soaring opener for 71st Venice Film Festival

Updated 00 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Afghan candidate pulls out of election audit

Afghanistan election in crisis after candidate pulls out of audit

Updated 00 minutes, 14 seconds ago

West Africans get creative with Ebola awareness

Songs, sketches and a new take on the ice bucket challenge raise Ebola awareness in W. Africa

Updated 00 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Journalist killing highlights role of freelancers

Killing of journalist in Syria highlights work of freelancers covering the conflict

Updated 00 minutes, 17 seconds ago

Possible airstrikes in Syria raise more questions

US intelligence flights over Syria raise questions about effects of possible airstrikes

Updated 00 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Ancient shipwreck off Malta leaves 700 BC cargo

Shipwreck off Malta yields 700 B.C. cargo; some of oldest finds of Phoenician times ever

Updated 00 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Minister: 2 people have died of Ebola in Congo

Minister says 2 people have died of Ebola in Congo, cases unrelated to West Africa outbreak

Updated 00 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Earthquakes rock Iceland volcano

Earthquakes rock Iceland volcano with some 500 since midnight

Updated 02 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Libya ministers resign over militia fighting

6 Libyan ministers resign, accuse government of taking sides in militia fighting

Updated 02 minutes, 18 seconds ago

3 playful lion cubs debut at Johannesburg Zoo

3 playful lion cubs debut at Johannesburg Zoo, bringing a new generation and hope for breeding

Updated 02 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Bulgarian poet Valeri Petrov dies

Bulgaria's most prominent poet and a former Nobel Prize nominee Valeri Petrov dies at 94

Updated 02 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Experts find 283 DNA samples from MH17 site

Experts identifying Flight 17 victims find DNA samples from 283 people, 173 positive IDs

Updated 02 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Erdogan rules out obedient role for successor

Turkey's Erdogan says his successor won't be a compliant prime minister

Updated 02 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Mayor: Rebels enter key southeast Ukrainian town

Mayor: Rebels enter strategic southeast Ukrainian town after 3 days of shelling

Updated 03 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Muslims react with outrage at UK sex abuse report

UK Pakistani community says racism fears should have never prevented reporting on child abuse

Updated 03 minutes, 48 seconds ago

3rd doctor dies from Ebola in Sierra Leone

3rd doctor dies from Ebola in Sierra Leone, epidemiologist evacuated: presidential adviser

Updated 03 minutes, 53 seconds ago

IMF chief Lagarde under investigation in France

IMF chief Lagarde under official investigation in France for 'negligence' in corruption case

Updated 04 minutes, 00 seconds ago
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