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#whatstrending: How are you celebrating dad?

Sunday - 6/19/2011, 2:23pm  ET


Neal Augenstein and Nathan Hager will eventually get to celebrate Father's Day, but first they want to know what you're doing.


Neal Augenstein & Nathan Hager,

WASHINGTON - Father's Day is here, so if you haven't gotten a gift for dear old dad, it's kind of too late.

We fathers don't ask for much, though. Many of us don't even need the neckties that have become a Father's Day gift cliche.

As for coffee mugs, in this line of work? The more the merrier!

Really, though, we're just looking forward to some time with our kids on a Sunday afternoon and, if we're lucky, a nap.

So what are you doing for dad this Father's Day?

Tweet below with the hashtag #giftsfordad.

But don't look for us on here. It's Father's Day! A little time off is the gift that keeps on giving.