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What's Trending: Is Charlie Sheen still #winning?

Sunday - 4/10/2011, 11:03am  ET

Is Charlie Sheen still winning?

WTOP's Neal Augenstein and Nathan Hager discuss Charlie Sheen's "Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour" and wonder if anybody still plans on seeing him after his bad reviews.


Neal Augenstein,
Nathan Hager,

WASHINGTON - What can you say about Charlie Sheen?

He set the land-speed record for reaching a million Twitter followers and turned #winning into the hashtag heard around the world.

But now that the fired "Two and a Half Men" star has taken his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" on the road, it hasn't exactly hit the mark.

You may remember the one-man show's disastrous debut in Detroit. One disappointed fan described the show to the local Fox TV station as "Charlie Sheen thinking he was the president of warlocks, babbling on and on until I wanted to throw up in my seat."

But like the subtitle of the show says, "Defeat Is Not an Option." So Sheen made a few tweaks to his format and received slightly better reviews in Chicago.

Now, after rolling through Columbus and Detroit, Sheen's big show has arrived in the Big Apple, and once again, the reviews are mixed.

Sheen's "Violent Torpedo" is due to arrive at DAR Constitution Hall in D.C. on April 19. Would you believe tickets are still available?

Do you plan on seeing Charlie Sheen when he comes to town, or has the ship sailed on this torpedo? Let us know in the comments section or tag your tweets with #whatstrending.

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