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What's Trending: Is 'Friday' really the worst song ever?

Sunday - 3/27/2011, 11:12am  ET

What's Trending: Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

WTOP's Neal Augenstein and Nathan Hager discuss all of the buzz behind the song, and ask is it fun, fun, fun or a big flop?


Neal Augenstein,
Nathan Hager,

WASHINGTON - It's been a couple weeks - an eternity by the blink-and-you-missed-it standards of the Internet, but for whatever reason, the Twittersphere just can't seem to get enough of one Rebecca Black.

In the month or so since her infectious -- some might say maddening -- "Friday" went viral, it's racked up more than 50 million YouTube hits. That's more than Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," which has been on top of the pop charts since its February release.

"Friday" has even surpassed Justin Bieber and Britney Spears on iTunes, despite the fact that the ode to the last day of the workweek faced an almost immediate online backlash. It also spawned network appearances on Good Morning America and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Mouse-wielding critics have knocked Black's nasal singing and vapid lyrics about "fun, fun, fun, fun" and "looking forward to the weekend" as signs that "Friday" may be the worst pop song ever.

It's spawned a vast array of parodies, from the Jonas Brothers to Conan O'Brien to a particularly hilarious reworking by a fake Bob Dylan.

But not everyone is hating on Black.

At a recent appearance at Google headquarters, Lady Gaga called the 13 year old a "genius."

"Anyone that's telling her she's cheesy is full of (expletive)," Lady Gaga said.

And if nothing else, Rebecca Black has given Friday the most attention it's gotten since a chain of restaurants was dedicated to it and Ice Cube made a movie about it.

We were particularly distressed, though, to learn a rumored mall tour for Black turned out to be a hoax.

Fair Oaks Mall, where Black was supposedly slated to perform on May 3, has announced on its website that that won't be the case.

Oh well. We'll always have Friday.

So what do you think, is this song a big flop or fun, fun, fun? Let us know in the comments section or tag your tweet with #whatstrending.

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