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Plans for moving women into combat jobs, including SEALS, to be released

Monday - 6/17/2013, 6:00pm  ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The details are expected to be announced tomorrow on the military's plan to start moving women into thousands of combat jobs, including those in special operations forces.

Under the schedules delivered to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the Army will develop standards within the next two years to let women train and possibly serve as Rangers. By March of 2016, women could begin training as Navy SEALS.

U.S. Special Operations Command is working on deciding what commando jobs could be opened to women, and when the transition would take place.

The plans require women and men to meet the same physical and mental standards to qualify for the front-line positions. It's still possible that women will be kept out of some jobs if research and testing find that they couldn't be successful in sufficient numbers.

The military services are also working to determine the cost of opening certain jobs to women, particularly aboard a variety of Navy ships, including some submarines and small warships. Dozens of ships do not have adequate berthing or facilities for women to meet privacy needs, and would require design and construction changes.

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192-c-17-(Sagar Meghani (SAH'-gur meh-GAH'-nee), AP national security correspondent)-"to top leaders"-AP National Security Correspondent Sagar Meghani reports the military has a schedule for putting women into combat jobs. (17 Jun 2013)

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