Police close in on Lyon sisters case

Montgomery County investigators believe they are closer to determining the truth about what happened to two sisters who disappeared in 1975 and they believe multiple people were involved. Full Story

Georgetown quells fears after death

Georgetown University officials are taking steps to educate the school community about meningitis, just one day after a student's death. Full Story

U. Va. student's parents fear 'foul play'

Charlottesville police released a statement Wednesday from 18-year-old Hanna E. Graham's parents expressing their fears for her safety. Full Story

What major equals major paycheck?

Highly educated people stand to make more money, but college majors make a big difference, too. Here are the top majors for top earnings. Full Story

The debate: Abuse or discipline

Adrian Peterson and Charles Barkley are spurring a national debate about the difference between child abuse and corporal punishment. Full Story

Your diet soda could promote diabetes

Using artificial sweeteners may set the stage for diabetes in some people by hampering the way their bodies handle sugar, a study says. Full Story

iOS 8: What to expect? Worth the risk?

Wednesday is the rollout of Apple's new mobile operating system -- iOS 8. Here's a roundup of the new features and the potential pitfalls. Full Story

'Fifty Shades' film sparks sex talk

The movie hits the big screen this winter. And even if parents decide not to let their teens see the film, an uncomfortable conversation is a must. Full Story

Tastes like chicken? New foods compete

More people are reducing the amount of meat they eat, sometimes by just one meal a week, and companies are turning out some tasty contenders. Full Story

Car tech: cool gadgets for the car

They might have thought of everything. Check out these must-have items for the car.Presented by Jiffy Lube Full Story

Air Force needs more strategic planning

The Air Force's top officer says it's time to reexamine priorities, with a realistic view of the funding it will get from Congress. Full Story

Inapropriate Selfie

Joan Rivers' doctor allegedly took a selfie during biopsy.

Drunk Skunk

This skunk got himself in trouble, but at least he wasn't driving.

Animals Gone Wild

Here's a collection of animals doing crazy and funny things. (Videos)

Bad Sushi News

Sushi lovers might be in for some upsetting news about this luxury meal.

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