No. 10 Kansas City, Mo.
No. 10: Kansas City, Mo.
No. 9 Nashville
No. 9: Nashville
No 8 Savannah, Ga.
No 8: Savannah, Ga.
No. 7 San Diego
No. 7: San Diego
No. 6 MinneapolisSt. Paul
No. 6: Minneapolis/St. Paul
No. 4 Boston
No. 4: Boston
No. 4 Philadelphia
No. 4: Philadelphia
No. 3 New York City
No. 3: New York City
No. 2 Providence
No. 2: Providence
No. 1 Chicago
No. 1: Chicago
Best Young Adult Books

Best Young Adult Books

Grownups can't seem to get enough of YA lit. What are your favorites?
Best Movie Sequels

Best Movie Sequels

Counting down the best movie sequels of all time.


Show off those smiles and frowns. Submit your back-to-school photos.
The Royal Baby

The Royal Baby

In celebration of his first birthday, a look at some of Prince George's...
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