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Fri Jun 15th, 2012

People change?!?!? It can happen.

Witness what happened to an Evangelical Christian Mother who learned her adult daughter is gay. Above All Things: The Journey of an Evangelical Christian Mother and Her Lesbian Daughter' Written from the heart by Shari Johnson whose world turned upside down the night her 37-year-old daughter called and told her that she was gay. As she wrote in the Washington Post recently, "I had been an evangelical Christian for more than 30 years and thought that this was the worst thing that could happen to a parent, to a Christian, to me." This just couldn't be possible. Cholene had always been the hero-Air Force Academy graduate, second woman to fly the U-2 spy plane, captain for United Airlines - she cried, begged, pleaded with God to change Cholene, but he changed Shari instead. It seems that he was much more concerned about Shari's lack of love than he was about Cholene's homosexuality.