Quickcast Forecast

Partly Sunny, Touch Cooler (Highly Isolated Shower S & E)
Highs: 72º-77º
Wind: NE/SE 5-10 mph
Mostly Cloudy and Cool
Lows: 55°-63°
Wind: SE 2-5 mph
Clouds Give Way to Sun, Warmer
Highs: Near 80°
Wind: S 5-10 mph
Partly Cloudy, Pleasant and Warm (Nighttime Shower/Storm)
Highs: Mid 80s
Wind: SW 10 mph

Expect another partly sunny day with temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday. While a stray south is not out of the question south and east of city, I think it will be more of the exception than the rule. The weekend still looks pretty good. We are forecasting partly cloudy skies on Saturday and Sunday. It will turn warmer. In fact, we are calling for highs near 80° on Saturday and into the lower or perhaps middle 80s on Sunday. Another cold front could bring showers back to the area by late Sunday evening. Have a great weekend!

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Updated:  Friday, September 19th, 2014 at 7:47 am