Quickcast Forecast

This Afternoon:
Partly Sunny, Breezy and Very Warm
Highs: Low to Mid 70s
Wind: S 10-15+
Partly Cloudy
Lows: Mid 40s
Wind: SW 6-12
Partly Cloudy
Highs: Mid 50s
Wind: W 5-10

This is going to be an interesting week.  Starting off with very warm temperatures and records could be tied or beat.  A warm front lifted through the region early this morning.  It was the culprit of the overnight rain that averaged .25-.50" over the area.  We are now in the drier, warmer sector.  Strong southerly winds will bring temperatures into the 70s this afternoon.  The record high at both Reagan National and at Dulles is 74.  Both in jeopardy today.  The cold front will pass through later tonight, but I expect just a shift in the wind and cooler temperatures.  It would be tough to squeeze out another shower out of this.  I would say a 10% chance in your backyard.  Tuesday will then be the calm before the storm with near average temperatures in the 50s. Clouds will increase in the afternoon.  Low pressure develops off the old frontal boundary near the South Carolina coast and moves towards the Mid-Atlantic as it intensifies on Wednesday.  All the models now syncing up that we will have a big travel impact from this storm with a cold rain to start and then snow in the afternoon.  The differences still lie in exact track of the low.  Meaning our rain snow line is not certain yet nor is snow accumulation. Stay tuned for updates on this storm as it develops.   It should be done by Thursday morning, with a colder Thanksgiving day in the low 40s.  While it will be a chilly holiday weekend, it looks calm after our Coastal Storm.

Updated:  Monday, November 24th, 2014 at 8:26 am