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Column: New sheriff's Charger has 370 horsepower (Video)

Tuesday - 8/13/2013, 8:14am  ET

The Frederick County Sheriff's Department shows off its new Dodge Charger police car. (WTOP/David Burd)

FREDERICK, Md. - I'm walking around the Frederick County Courthouse last week and all of a sudden I see a county police car that I have never seen before.

It looks different. I had originally thought that it was the typical Dodge Charger that's been integrated into a lot of police departments the past few years. But no! This was very different.

Yes, it was a Dodge Charger, but it was longer and looked beefed up.

A sheriff's deputy noticed that I was ogling the car and came over to me and said, "You like it?"

I said, "I sure do. What's up with this car? It looks different. Why?"

He then told me that the county had purchased the new 2013 Dodge V-8 Charger with a Hemi package, and that it had 370 horsepower under the hood.

Needless to say I had to get a closer look at this car, so, I called Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and he agreed to give me a tour along with deputy Ken Olander.

According to both men, nothing will out run this patrol car, unless of course stock car racing great Richard Petty is cruising on Interstate 270.

This Charger also has a revolutionary light bar on the roof. The department is testing one of these light bars to decide whether to order more for the fleet.

The light bar is revolutionary for a number of reasons. We are always hearing about police cars going through intersections with their lights and sirens on and crashing into an unsuspecting motorist. This happens because the police cars are faster than the sound of the siren and motorists can't hear the oncoming police car.

Now, with this new light bar, the siren is in the light bar as well as in the grill of the car.

The lights in the bar are bright and directional so that it's more difficult to miss them. The light bar also beams light to the sides as well as the front and rear. Oh did I mention that these new light bars cost around $3,000 a pop?

Even though the department has the new V-8 Hemi, Jenkins wants chases to be a last resort. If you're cruising through Frederick County thinking there's nothing that can catch your Camaro, think again.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins talks about the new Charger:

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