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Survey finds most men prefer briefs to boxers

Saturday - 4/30/2011, 10:57am  ET

WASHINGTON - It's one of the most personal questions you can every be asked: what kind of underwear do you wear?

It was asked of President Bill Clinton in 1994 at a MTV-sponsored forum, and then asked of President Barack Obama while he was campaigning in 2008, but it's not something usually talked about it polite conversation.

The online underwear retailer decided to ask 175,000 people about their undergarment of choice.

Here's what they found for men:

  • 40 percent prefer briefs
  • 25 percent prefer boxer briefs
  • 18 percent prefer trunks
  • 10 percent prefer boxers
  • 5 percent prefer thongs
  • 2 percent prefer other styles

Here's the results for women:

  • 36 percent prefer bikini briefs
  • 21 percent prefer briefs
  • 21 percent prefer thongs
  • 18 percent prefer boyshorts
  • 4 percent prefer other styles

The survey doesn't specify people who go commando, but that might be included in the "other styles" category.

The site also released some interesting underwear facts like, married men change their underwear twice as often as single men, 24 percent of men have a lucky pair of underwear, 34 percent of women like to match their bras and panties, and the word "underpants" didn't enter the English lexicon until the 1930s.

Find out some more interesting facts about underwear here.

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