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WTOP Saves You Money with gas-maximizing tips

Monday - 5/23/2011, 4:13am  ET

WASHINGTON - Don't let your pain in the gas force you to settle for another "stay-cation." WTOP Saves You Money with tips on gas usage.

The price at the pump may be down a bit, but you still need all the help you can get on that road trip you're planning.

We've gathered a few tips to save you money.

  • Check your tire pressure and slow down to boost fuel economy.
  • Use a gas app to find the cheapest price and use regular if you can.
  • Use oil labeled "energy conserving."
  • Get a credit card that gives cash back on gas purchases.
  • Use EZ Pass to avoid long toll booth lines.
  • Use Google Maps to avoid gas-eating congestion.
  • Ask hotel chains and resorts if they offer gas cards or rebates.
  • To maximize your miles per gallon, keep luggage inside. Reduce aerodynamic drag by not strapping it to the top of your vehicle.
  • An extra 100 pounds inside the car can reduce mileage, too.

WTOP's Bob Kur contributed to this report. Follow WTOP on Twitter.

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