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Permanent I-95 ramp closure in Northern Virginia

Sunday - 10/21/2012, 1:52pm  ET

An overhead view of the I-95 on-ramp that will be permanently closed Monday. (Courtesy VDOT)
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WASHINGTON - Drivers in Northern Virginia will need to learn a new route as Virginia's Department of Transportation plans to close an on-ramp near the Fairfax County Parkway.

The on-ramp to Interstate 95 south from Alban Road is scheduled to be permanently closed starting Monday, Oct. 22.

Drivers will be rerouted onto Boudinot Drive, around to the Fairfax County Parkway, and then onto I-95 south.

Steve Titunik, communications director for Virginia Megaprojects, says that area will become a reversible flyover ramp that will open in late 2014.

"It'll make that access point southbound in the afternoon for HOV or for those willing to pay a toll, and northbound in the morning," Titunik says.

For more information on the 95 Express Lanes Project, visit VA Mega Projects.

Watch a video below of the alternate route:

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