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Mont. Co. intersections targeted for improvement

Tuesday - 9/20/2011, 1:27pm  ET

Adam Tuss,

ROCKVILLE, Md. - You get to an intersection only to find that one person wanting to make a turn is holding everyone else up. Or maybe the left-turn lane just can't hold all the traffic wanting to go left, and those cars end up blocking traffic wanting to go through the the intersection.

It's these kinds of design flaws that traffic engineers are trying to fix at 10 busy intersections in Montgomery County.

More than $3 million is being spent on the design, right-of-way acquisition and construction costs for these projects. It's being split 50/50 between Montgomery County and the Maryland State Highway Administration.

"These important transportation projects, along with our efforts to improve transit options that are also under way, should relieve traffic in some of the most congested parts of our county," Montgomery County Councilmember Roger Berliner says in a statement. "They will also make these busy intersections safer."

The 10 intersection projects and their construction status, according to Montgomery County, are below:

  • Maryland routes 355 and 118, which will extend the existing left-turn lane along southbound Route 355. Under construction.

  • Maryland Route 27 at Sweepstakes Road. Installation of an exclusive right-turn lane on northbound Route 27. Under construction.

  • Maryland Route 650 at Adelphi Road. Widen southbound Route 650 to accommodate additional through lane, widen Adelphi Road to accommodate double left-turn lanes. Under construction.

  • Maryland Route 355 at East Middle Lane. Extend southbound Route 355 left-turn lane. Under construction.

  • Maryland Route 198 at Dino Road. Widen westbound Route 198 at Dino Road to provide a truck apron to accommodate U-turns. Under construction.

  • Maryland Route 107 at Partnership Road. Widen spur to accommodate two lanes. Widen eastbound Route 107 to provide a 10-foot shoulder/bypass lane. Under construction.

  • Maryland Route 118 at Wisteria Drive and at Middlebrook Road. Extension of northbound left-turn lanes. Under construction.

  • Maryland Route 182 and Norwood Road. Install signal and exclusive left- and right-turn lanes onto Norwood Road. Construction bids opened. Construction to start October 2011.

  • Maryland 108 at Bowie Mill Road. Install full signal extension of hiker/biker trail along northbound Route 108. Construction bids opened. Construction to start December 2011.

  • Maryland Route 185, Washington Street to Saul Road. Construct new sidewalk on southbound Maryland Route 185. Right-of-way acquisition underway. Construction to start March 2012.

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