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BAM! Batman gets a flat on Md.'s Route 29

Wednesday - 11/2/2011, 5:15pm  ET

Howard County Police
With Robin nowhere in sight, Howard County police came to the rescue of the Dark Knight. (Courtesy Howard County Police Department via Facebook)

Batman gets a flat

Hear a 911 call from a passing motorist describing the scene.


WASHINGTON - Even the Caped Crusader needs some help once in a while.

Such was the case on Halloween in Howard County, when police were called at about 11 a.m. to help out a motorist having some trouble on southbound Route 29.

The two Howard County officers who arrived found a fellow crimefighter in distress: A costumed Batman had gotten a flat tire near Johns Hopkins Road while on his way to visit sick children at a hospital in D.C.

The officers got the vehicle to the side of the road to be towed, and Batman hitched a ride with a friend to the hospital -- but not before posing for a pic.

For more about the officers' encounter with the Dark Knight, visit the Howard County Police Department Facebook page. You can listen to a 911 call from a passing motorist on the page or to the right as well.

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