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Barton Eckert has been anchoring on a variety of shifts from the Glass Enclosed Nerve Center since 2003, He grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Penn State University. He found a more enjoyable alternative to his Psychology Major when he developed an interest in broadcasting which he learned from hanging around the local NBC radio affiliate in Happy Valley. Barton was a pretty decent newsman but a terrible disc jockey. He got chewed out by the station manager once for breaking format and playing Bread and Butter by The Newbeats at two in the morning. The manager said he considered the music a little too "UP" for that time of night.

After graduation, he returned to Philadelphia to pull double duty attending Temple University's Graduate School of Communications and working as a reporter at Metromedia's WIP Radio. Barton went through the ROTC program at Penn State which led to a commission as an Army Officer and eventually a one year tour of duty in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. He returned home and relocated to our Nation's Capital where he worked for Metromedia Radio News and then WTTG-TV as a reporter and anchor.

Eventually finding a focus in Business News, he spent 13 years as the anchor and managing producer for FIRST BUSINESS, a nationally syndicated morning television program. There were also stints as the Washington Bureau Chief for KRON TV, San Francisco and reporting for CNN and Fox.

Barton's most memorable stories include being on the scene covering President Ronald Reagan at the Washington Hilton on the day he was shot. The Hanafi Muslim shootings and hostage taking at The District Building and B'nai B'rith Headquarters, the Watergate hearings and resignation of President Nixon and the John Allen Muhammad sniper case and trial.

Barton won an Emmy award for the reporting of riots on the ellipse during a visit to the White House by the Shah of Iran. Beyond that, he has also covered nine Presidential inaugurations.

Although he's a Penn State graduate, his wife, daughter and son are all graduates from the University of Maryland. His daughter recently received her Masters from American University's School of International Service

You can email Barton at beckert@wtop.com