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V.P. of News & Programming

Jim Farley

V.P. of News & Programming


Weekends you'll find me right outside WTOP's studios in Northwest D.C. tending to my organic veggies in the Newark Street Community Garden. My wife Johanna and I live in Washington D.C. and we enjoy theater, movies, hiking, swimming and babysitting our four grandkids.

I came to WTOP in 1996 after eight years with ABC News in New York as Managing Editor at the ABC Radio Networks. Prior to that, I spent thirteen years with NBC News (radio and television). I was the last NBC News Vice President of Radio News before NBC sold the NBC Radio Networks in 1987. Jack Welch should be very ashamed of that. I started my career at all-news WINS in New York City in 1966, with the official (if sexist) title of "copy boy."

I taught graduate and undergraduate Journalism courses at NYU and Fordham. Programs on which I have been the producer or executive producer have won every major award for which Radio Journalists are eligible including the Columbia DuPont, Peabody, Polk and the Grand Prize at the International Radio Festival of New York. In the last 2 years WTOP has won 9 National Edward R. Murrow Awards. I had nothing to do with that, but I built a great career taking credit for the hard work of others.

One of my favorite tasks is fielding phone calls from people who claim WTOP has "biased" reporting. Exactly half of them say we have a left-wing bias, and the other half says we have a right-wing bias. I just wish I could teleconference them together and let them argue it out!

You can email Jim at jfarley@wtop.com