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Mike Moss

Morning Anchor (5am-10am)


Mike Moss, WTOP's morning anchor, thinks he has the best job in the world despite his three in the morning wake up call. He's been with WTOP radio for almost 15 years now and has reported on some of the most important stories in history.

Mike has enjoyed working around the country and around the world with recognizable names like NBC, CBS, the Associated Press and radio stations in Atlanta, Boston, Bridgeport and Hartford, Connecticut.

He's had the great fortune to receive awards at each stop along the way. Most recently, the Edward R. Murrow award that recognized WTOP's 7am broadcast as the best radio newscast in the nation.

Mike and his wife are most proud of their four children. The oldest is in law school, the next two in college and a one in high school. With so many of their friends and teachers listening to WTOP, they like it best when dad doesn't embarrass them.

You can email Mike at mmoss@wtop.com or follow him on Twitter.