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Ryan Miller

Wednesday - 4/27/2011, 9:47am  ET

Meteorologist Ryan Miller has been a part of the ABC-7 forecast team for over 7 years and forecasts the weather for News Channel 8/ ABC-7 / TBD-TV, and for WTOP Radio. On occasion he can also be seen on Doug Hill's Weather Now.

Coupled with his forecasting and broadcasting duties, Ryan currently teaches in the Arlington Public School System, providing instruction in courses related to high-school and college level Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, Astronomy, and GIS Mapping.

His love of all things meteorology began at a very early age growing up in Northeastern Ohio; he began his broadcast meteorology career as a weather producer for ABC-7/News Channel 8. When he is not teaching he can usually be found forecasting and broadcasting the weather; if he is doing neither he's probably up at a Penn State Football game.

Ryan has a B.S. from Penn State University, a M.A. from Virginia Tech, and an Ed.S. from George Washington University. He has also taken graduate level meteorology courses through the USDA Graduate School broadcast meteorology program and is a member of the American Meteorological Society.