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Dave Dildine

Traffic Reporter


A native to the Washington, D.C. area, Dave Dildine is no stranger to the complex traffic and weather patterns associated with the region.

Before joining WTOP as a full-time traffic reporter, Dave was a weather research analyst for a private company in Austin, Texas. He also organized storm chasing tours with a company based in Oklahoma City.

Having chased tornadoes for over a decade, Dave has logged countless miles on the highways and rural farm roads of the Great Plains.

Dave joined WTOP in 2010 as the station prepared to launch its own in-house traffic service. In addition to reporting on the 8s, Dave has covered breaking weather stories for WTOP. He flew with the Hurricane Hunters into the eye of Hurricane Irene three days before the storm lashed Mid-Atlantic coast in August 2011.

He also reported live as the 2012 Derecho tore through downtown D.C. with 70 mph winds.

When he's not in the traffic center, Dave enjoys running, playing tennis and photography. He currently lives in Arlington, Va.

If you see more than he says, call Dave on the WTOP Traffic hotline at 202-895-5048 or email him at ddildine@wtop.com.