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Riverbank residents don't like the forecast

Tuesday - 6/4/2013, 5:50pm  ET

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Mississippi River communities that are trying to keep the river within its banks are getting some unwelcome news from weather forecasters. More rain is looming across the nation's midsection, and that could slow down the river's retreat from its peak levels.

The fire chief in West Alton, Missouri, says people are ready to leave "at a moment's notice" if a levee that was breached, and then fixed, shows signs of giving way again. For now, he says, "everything is stable."

Across the river in Illinois, floodwaters have already forced the closure of the local casino and a scenic road leading out of it to the north.

The worst is yet to come south of St. Louis near cape Girardeau (juh-RAHR'-doh), Missouri. By this morning, the river was at 42 feet, two days ahead of an expected crest of 45 feet. The rise has produced a feverish sandbagging effort in nearby Dutchtown.

Rain is expected later today, and then more in the coming days -- from St. Louis north to Minnesota and westward across some of the Great Plains.

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149-c-13-(Buzz Ullrich (UHL'-rihk), correspondent with KFUO Radio)-"period of time"-Correspondent Buzz Ullrich says part of a bridge from Illinois is closed because of flooding, even though most of the town of West Alton, Missouri is still dry. (4 Jun 2013)

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148-c-17-(Buzz Ullrich (UHL'-rihk), correspondent with KFUO Radio)-"not too high"-Correspondent Buzz Ullrich says some people have decided not to evacuate after a levee broke near where the Mississippi River meets the Missouri in West Alton, Missouri. (4 Jun 2013)

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