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Fling golf searching for a niche (Video)

Wednesday - 8/27/2014, 7:01am  ET

Fling Sticks rentals are included in the cost of the round at Laytonsville Golf Course. (WTOP/Andrew Mollenbeck)

LAYTONSVILLE, Md. -- Any long-suffering golfer can relate to the urge to violently fling a club. That usually follows a shank.

But a club fling is the very foundation of a sport that has recently arrived in the area.

Fling Golf is, by its founder's assessment, a hybrid of sports and their movements: It as though golf, baseball, lacrosse and jai alai were thrown into a blender.

The Laytonsville Golf Course -- located at 7130 Dorsey Rd. in Gaithersburg -- is the first local spot to get on board, launching its program on Tuesday.

"It's something a little bit different," says Matt Jarvis, the general manager at the course. "It could potentially capture a new audience, bring somebody new to the golf course."

Unlike traditional golf, which allows a player to carry 14 clubs, Fling Golf uses a single tool for all shots—including putts. The Fling Stick has a graphite shaft and a golf grip.

The game is designed to work in concert with other golfers on the course. Its fundamentals are purposefully more forgiving, and the target audience extends outside traditional golf circles.

"Our initial thought is that it will bring a younger, more athletic crowd," Jarvis says.

At the Laytonsville Golf Course, a round of Fling Golf will normally cost the same as a regular green fee.

Around the time of the launch, however, players can fling it with a $5 discount. The promotion includes a range bucket and a demonstration of the new sport.

Fling Sticks rentals are included in the price of a round.

Watch Matt Jarvis demonstrate the Fling Golf swing:

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