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Officials Detail Bethesda Bikeshare Stations, Changes Coming

By Aaron Kraut

Tuesday - 6/25/2013, 9:35am  ET

Proposed Capital Bikeshare station location at the Bethesda Metro Proposed Capital Bikeshare station location at Montgomery Lane and East Lane Proposed Capital Bikeshare station location in the driveway of the Bethesda Ave.-Elm St. public parking garage Proposed Capital Bikeshare station location at Elm Street Park, near the intersection of Elm Street and 47th Street Capital bikeshare bike and helmet on display during a MCDOT public meeting on Monday

County transportation officials and their Capital Bikeshare consultant on Monday detailed the Bethesda area’s 15 proposed station locations, though it’s likely a few will be adjusted because of conflicts with private land owners.

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation will own its portion of the Capital Bikeshare network, which it hopes to have set up and ready to use by Sept. 21, the last day of summer.

Monday’s public meeting was the first of three the county will host this week. MCDOT will also hold meetings tonight in Silver Spring, where there will be another 15-station network, and on Wednesday in Rockville, where officials hope a Bikeshare network can connect people to job and research centers around Rockville, Montgomery College and Shady Grove.

Users will be able to take the bikes to existing stations in D.C., Arlington and Alexandria.

For more information, visit the county’s Capital Bikeshare page.

Now, here’s a station-by-station look at where you’ll likely be able to find Capital Bikeshare in Bethesda and what proposed station locations might change:

Bethesda Avenue and Arlington Road: This Bethesda Row station should be one of the busiest, said Paul DeMaio, a consultant with Metro Bike who helped develop the Capital Bikeshare system and helped the county select the station locations. The stop won’t be at the actual intersection.

Instead, it will be installed in the unused driveway leading into the Bethesda Ave.-Elm St. public parking garage (also known as Garage 57), behind the planters that are there today. (See photo above.)

Cordell and Woodmont Avenues: DeMaio said this location will likely change because the private property owner is not on-board. The plan was for the station to be installed on the north side of Cordell Avenue just in front of The Palisades of Bethesda apartments.

Elm and 47th Streets (Elm Street Park): This station will be installed on the north side of Elm Street Park, near the outdoor tables and tunnel entrance that takes the Capital Crescent Trail/Georgetown Branch Trail under Wisconsin Avenue. (See photo above.)

Chevy Chase Drive and Offut Lane: The station is meant to service the residents of the many apartment complexes south of Bradley Boulevard, but residents at the meeting said speeding drivers could cause problems. The station is proposed for what’s now a grassy area on the northwest corner of the intersection. There are also concerns about a school bus stop that one resident said would have to share that corner.

Montgomery Lane and East Lane: The land for this station was donated by the Chevy Chase Land Company, which also paid for the equivalent of two of the stations. They cost $46,000 each to install and between $25,000 and $27,000 to operate. It will provide access to the back-end of the Bethesda Metro station bus bays. If you’re looking for landmarks, think half-a-block west of Tommy Joe’s. (See photo above.)

Montgomery Avenue and Waverly Street: There is a bulb-out near the public parking garage Transportation officials will take advantage of to install this station. It is a block east of the 2nd District Montgomery County Police Station.

Norfolk and Fairmont Avenues: The “Veterans Park” stop, this central Woodmont Triangle station location is planned for the sidewalk directly across from the intersection of Fairmont and Norfolk Avenues.

Norfolk and Rugby Avenues: It’s one of three planned Woodmont Triangle station locations and it will provide access to the Bethesda Trolley Trail that begins across the street in Battery Lane Park.

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