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Walking Tour Of White Flint

By Aaron Kraut

Monday - 4/29/2013, 10:05am  ET

The tour walks past a reflection of construction at Mid-Pike Plaza The group stops near the Bethesda North Marriott An example of a street with tree buffer that is rare along Rockville Pike A vacant lot on Executive Boulevard that will likely be redeveloped The group walks toward North Bethesda Market One of two cranes at Mid-Pike Plaza Intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard, which will be realigned Construction of Pike & Rose at Mid-Pike Plaza A property planners hope will be redeveloped as part of the 2010 White Flint Sector Plan About 50 people attended the free walking tour of White Flint Executive Boulevard will be realigned to run through Pike & Rose at this intersection Existing apartments at the North Bethesda Center Tommy Mann, with Federal Realty, discusses the company's plans for Pike & Rose A high-speed right turn lane onto Rockville Pike Strip mall fast food development remains in a changing White Flint Smart growth advocacy group Coalition for Smarter Growth organized the tour (L to R): Tommy Mann, Nkosi Yearwood, Lindsay Hoffman and Stewart Schwartz

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