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Off the 8's: Beauty in unexpected places

Thursday - 2/14/2013, 10:14am  ET

WTOP's Kristi King stumbled upon this work of art in downtown Bethesda. (WTOP/Kristi King)

Kristi King,

BETHESDA, Md. - The joy of this discovery is how the payoff grows just by giving it a little attention. The mosaic image is interesting enough from across the street.

I noticed it while hopping into a parked car. Getting out for a closer look revealed what the mosaic is made of: hardware supplies, door knobs, door handles and metal levers.

The "learning more as you get closer" reflection is a cliché, but it brings to mind another art world phenomenon that is its opposite. Pointillism allows images created with dots and dabs of paint to be revealed only when given proper space. Near. Far. In art like life, each distance plays a role contributing to understanding.


The artist, who goes by David Van-Goghberg, works at Union Hardware. He says his work changes subtly from day to night and will continue to evolve. Fading colors occasionally need touch-up paint.

You'll find this "Starry Night" in downtown Bethesda, Md. across from Tastee Diner. It's on Cheltenham Drive between Wisconsin and Woodmont Avenues.


Editor's Note: Off the 8's is a new WTOP Living feature, in which staff inside the Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center share personal stories from their lives.

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