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Lawmakers reject bill on legislative pay hike

Tuesday - 4/1/2014, 3:31pm  ET

Associated Press

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Maryland delegates have rejected a Republican's bill that would have required them to vote on their planned salary increase. Instead it will likely kick in automatically.

Legislators are set to receive a 15.7-percent pay raise over the next four years. It will be their first since 2006.

According to the state constitution, a legislative commission recommends periodic adjustments to lawmakers' salaries. They take effect automatically unless legislators vote to reject them.

Del. Cathy Vitale, of Anne Arundel County, submitted a bill rejecting the next raise. She urged colleagues Tuesday to let her bill bypass the committee system and go straight to the House floor.

Her request failed by a 48-87 vote.

With just a few days left in the session, her bill likely won't clear the committee.

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