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Washington's Top News -- Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday - 9/3/2014, 4:06am  ET

Here's a look at some of the day's top stories from WTOP:

350 more troops assigned to US Embassy in Baghdad

President Obama has approved assigning 350 additional troops to protect the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and its support facilities.

The White House says the State Department had asked for the additional military personnel to help protect U.S. diplomatic facilities and personnel in the Iraqi capital. The Defense Department reviewed the request and recommended the additional troops.

The White House says Obama approved the additional troops on Tuesday and that they will not serve in a combat role.

Home Depot probes possible credit card data breach

Home Depot may be the latest retailer to suffer a major credit card data breach.

The Atlanta-based home improvement retailer has told The Associated Press that it's working with both banks and law enforcement to investigate unusual activity that could point to a hack.

Hackers have broken security walls for many retailers in recent months, including Target, grocery store chain Supervalu, P.F. Chang's and the thrift store operations of Goodwill. The rash of breaches has rattled shoppers' confidence in the security of their personal data and pushed retailers, banks and card companies to increase security by speeding the adoption of microchips into U.S. credit and debit cards.

Sotloff family grieving

A spokesman for the family of American journalist Steven Sotloff says the family is grieving privately following the release of a video showing his beheading by extremists with the group Islamic State.

The posting late Tuesday comes two weeks after the release of a video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley by the same extremist group.

A late night for the Nationals and Orioles

The Nationals played the Dodgers on the West Coast; the Orioles had to deal with a rain delay. Both teams' games finished late; find out how they made out.

Can you park at a broken meter in D.C.? Well

You've found a parking space in the District; you get out of your car to feed the meter and you find out it's broken. Can you still park there? It should be a simple question; like so much regarding D.C. parking, it isn't. WTOP's TicketBuster, Ari Ashe, does the digging.

Boil-water advisory in Prince George's County

People in parts of Prince George's County are being advised to boil water after a water main break in Hyattsville on Tuesday night. Find out where the broken main is, whether you're in the affected area and how long the order will last.

Do stars need digital bodyguards?

That's what one expert says -- celebrities usually don't know more about Internet security than the rest of us, yet they're much more likely to be targeted. On WTOP's Entertainment page, learn what they -- and you -- can be doing to keep sensitive information safe.

The rules of renting: Know what you need before listing on Airbnb

Travelers, especially younger ones, are turning lodging marketplaces such as Airbnb into a huge business -- and people with apartments or houses to rent out are increasingly seeing the service as a way to make some extra money. But in D.C., there are a few things to know before you open your doors. On WTOP's Living page, Rachel Nania finds out the rules and regulations for the District and talks to experts who predict where the "sharing economy" is going.

Tom Hanks' typewriter app brings back the click, the clack and the ding

If you remember typing on an old-fashioned typewriter, you know that computers and tablets are great for saving and making changes. But the sounds of a typewriter keyboard -- the clicking, the ding at the end of the line, the swoosh of the return -- gave you the feeling that anything you wrote, even just a thank-you note, was important.

That's what Tom Hanks -- yes, that Tom Hanks -- thought, anyway. So he brought the sounds of the typewriter into the digital world. On WTOP's Tech page, Neal Augenstein breaks down the features of the Hanx Writer app.

A chance for a free ticket to poker's big time

It's not easy to get into the World Series of Poker: You need to be an excellent player, of course, but you also need to raise a serious buy-in. But a Tuesday-night event in the D.C. area offers a no-stakes way to ultimately win a spot in the big show. Noah Frank checked out the scene at World Tavern Poker, and even played in the weekly tournament. On WTOP's Sports page, find out whether poker for no money still feels like poker -- and find out how he did!

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