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New Landover Racists paraphernalia takes aim at the Redskins

Saturday - 6/21/2014, 7:32pm  ET

WASHINGTON — The canceling of the Redskins trademark this week could — once appeals have been exhausted — open the door for vendors to peddle knock-off merchandise.

Shane Morris didn't wait around for what will likely be a years-long battle. Also, he's not one for subtlety.

Shortly after the decision on Wednesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Morris launched a parody line of paraphernalia: the Landover Racists.

Morris, a self-described "serial trouble maker," quickly bought the domain name and went to work designing a website. He now sells T-shirts and mugs bearing the satiric logo.

"Sometimes the social commentary value of parody is a lot greater than people who get all pearl-clutching about [the name]," he says.

Morris, 27, lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is a "diehard Cowboys fan." But he insists that loyalty wasn't the driving factor behind the thumb-in-the-eye endeavor.

"I would dislike the team in Washington no matter what they were called," he says. "Trust me, I still hate the Giants and Eagles equally."

So what's behind the boundary-pushing effort?

Morris thinks it's just really funny, and sometimes creating discomfort is important to affect change.

"When they lost their trademark of the Redskins name, I was like, 'Hey, this would be kind of funny because I might be less likely to get sued,'" he says.

His logo consists of a caricature of Redskins' owner Dan Snyder. The website reads: "Landover Racists, A Pretend Football Team ... that is VERY racist."

Morris has no experience selling merchandise. He uses a laser printer direct to a garment to design the limited inventory.

He would like to expand to make jerseys, too.

The stunt seems to invite legal action, which Morris says he welcomes. He believes it would only bring more publicity.

"[Snyder] really can't stop me from printing ‘Racists' jerseys," Morris believes. "And you can't copyright the colors."

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