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Pillow fighters descend upon National Mall

Saturday - 4/5/2014, 6:48pm  ET

Pillow fight (WTOP/Michelle Murillo)
Scores of pillow fighters visited the National Mall for D.C.'s International Pillow Fight Day. (WTOP/Michelle Murillo)
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WASHINGTON -- Pillow fighters are encouraged to gather at the Washington Monument on Saturday for International Pillow Fight Day. The annual event will be held 2-4 p.m.

The organizers of the pillow fight day say prospective pillow fighters should meet on the National Mall and on the rectangular plot of grass facing the World War 2 Memorial.

Organizers say to keep the following pillow protocol in mind:

  • Please note while the event has evolved over the years, it is asked that there be a "prank" aspect of the pillow fight, so try to hide pillows when arriving at the Mall. If a pillow can't be hide, come up with a clever answer as to why the pillow is being carried around (i.e. wanted to take a nap while out, it's the chic thing to do and that's why everyone else here is doing it).
  • Wait until the signal to begin.
  • The event is free and appropriate for all ages.
  • Swing pillows lightly as the D.C. event has the most children involved.
  • It is recommended that children play outside the main pillow crowd.
  • Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
  • Remove glasses beforehand.
  • Down pillows should be left at home because the less pillows burst, the easier the clean up.

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